From 0 to 1, from 1 to N, GMCC Meizhi “light business track” achieves leapfrog growth

On August 24th, hosted by Industry Online and National Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center, the China Light Commercial Refrigeration Industry Annual Conference and China Compressor Industry Core Sharing Salon with the theme of “Gathering Light Businesses for the Future” opened in Hangzhou.

As a compressor supplier of key components in the global home appliance industry, GMCC Meizhi, a subsidiary of Midea Industrial Technology, shared with the industry GMCC Meizhi’s achievements in the light commercial refrigeration industry at the theme forum, compressor industry core sharing salon, standard seminars and on-site product demonstrations. Leading technology and products.

Xi Zhongdong, general manager of GMCC Refrigerator Compressor Products Company, said: “GMCC will focus on customers, take solving industry pain points and promoting industrial upgrading as its own responsibility, continue to make light commercial compressor products, and work with the industry to build a light commercial refrigeration industry cluster. effect and contribute to the development and green upgrade of the industry.”

From 0 to 1, from 1 to N, GMCC Meizhi “light business track” achieves leapfrog growth

Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of Anhui Meizhi Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., gave a speech at the conference

According to industry online data, as of the end of 2021, the market size of refrigeration equipment has reached 239.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%, of which the commercial refrigeration scale is 76 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.1%. Among commercial refrigeration equipment, light commercial refrigeration equipment accounts for than more than 50%. With the rapid development of the market, the application of scenarios is becoming more and more abundant, and the new demands of new formats and new formats are constantly highlighted. The industry urgently needs technological innovators to solve the new demands and pain points of users.

Relying on Midea Industrial Technology Research Institute, GMCC has received technical support and assistance in materials, motors, simulation, etc. At the same time, it combines domestic compressor research and development and overseas research and development centers such as Austria and Thailand to carry out technology transformation and product development. With strong technical research and development strength and strong background support from the annual sales volume of 40 million units of quality control systems, GMCC will extend its leading advantages from the field of household ice compression to the field of light commercial refrigeration.

Innovative, efficient and reliable

GMCC’s various light commercial compressors attract attention

At the annual meeting of young businessmen, a variety of light commercial compressor models exhibited by GMCC attracted the attention of the industry. In response to the pain points of “high temperature, high oil, and high pollution” in the use of light commercial products, GMCC independently developed innovative technologies such as valve group solutions, motion pair reliability solutions, material high temperature resistance solutions, and light commercial all-aluminum motor design. , to provide global customers with energy-saving, quiet, digital, intelligent and precise control of light commercial ice pressure system solutions, widely used in ice cream cabinets, kitchen cabinets, beverage cabinets, wine cabinets and other products, to meet DC, frequency conversion, fixed frequency, R290, R134a, Various requirements such as R404A, LBP, LMBP, HBP, etc.

From 0 to 1, from 1 to N, GMCC Meizhi “light business track” achieves leapfrog growth

GMCC Light Commercial Compressor Products (Part)

Among them, light commercial compressors have more than 100 models in eleven series, including M, E, V, H, Q, L, FL, and WL, with displacements ranging from 3.0cc to 16cc and expanding to 21cc.

Taking GMCC’s latest generation of light commercial PA120QMA as an example, PA120QMA compressor adheres to the design concept of high efficiency and high reliability. It not only improves the efficiency of the compressor core motor and pump body, but also develops adaptive flexible connecting rod technology to improve friction. Lubrication, improve the reliability of the motion pair, and achieve innovative breakthroughs in the industry.

Regarding the future strategy on light commercial products, Liu Jikai, manager of the light commercial product room of GMCC Refrigerator Compressor Products Company, said that GMCC Meizhi will continue to increase investment in research and development, and adhere to the development of technology leadership, direct user access, digital intelligence drive, and global breakthroughs. , to help customers solve pain points and difficulties, and promote the development and prosperity of the global light business industry.

Small size and low noise

GMCC has been recognized for promoting the upgrading of “light business” industry

With the gradual implementation of the “dual carbon” strategy and the emergence of a comprehensive leading role, environmental protection innovation at the technical level is particularly important.

Gao Qingjun, head of the product planning room of GMCC Refrigerator Compressor Products Company, believes that with the continuous improvement of industry standards, light commercial compressors will pay special attention to high efficiency and energy saving, such as the conversion from fixed frequency to variable frequency, and matching high-efficiency variable frequency control boards.

In addition, the pursuit of improving the volume ratio and mute effect of smart appliances has also accelerated the progress of light commercial compressors towards “miniaturization” and “low noise” performance. “Starting from internal needs, external customer needs and pain points, GMCC will focus on product innovation to accelerate the industry’s progress towards high-quality and innovative products.”

From 0 to 1, from 1 to N, GMCC Meizhi “light business track” achieves leapfrog growth

GMCC Meizhi exerts the influence of leading enterprises to promote the green development of light business industry

For example, in the face of global warming and ozone destruction, GMCC continues to develop low-GWP fluorine-free and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon R290 refrigerant compressor products, and promote the replacement of existing high-GWP refrigerant products such as R404A, R134a, R448A, R447A. GMCC uses its own actions to reduce the damage to the ozone layer and slow down the process of global warming. While promoting the green transformation of the light commercial industry, it also undertakes the responsibilities and obligations of industry leaders.

According to Zheng Wei, sales director of GMCC ice-pressed light commercial products, the sales volume of GMCC Meizhi light commercial products will reach 2 million in 2022, and according to the plan, the sales volume will be close to 10 million units in 2027. More importantly, with its excellent product quality and performance, GMCC light commercial compressors are gaining more and more customers’ recognition in the global market.

Taking the opportunity of this annual meeting of young businessmen, GMCC will exert its influence as a world brand of compressors, promote the development of light business industry in a standardized, green and sustainable direction, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of China’s industry and the high-quality development of China’s economy. Contribute.

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Published on 09/15/2022