From self-driving to artificial intelligence stronger than Steve Jobs, what is he afraid of?

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently started another company: NeuralInk, their research focuses on creating brain-implantable brain-computer interaction devices that allow the human brain to be directly connected to computing devices. Their ultimate goal is to help humans integrate with software and keep pace with the development of artificial intelligence.

That’s right, Musk, who has a great brain hole, is going to do something again. From the initial mobile payment Paypal to the pure electric car Tesla, the name Musk has quickly become the manipulator of the current technology trend, or Musk has become After the end of the Internet era, he was the initiator of the intelligent era, and he has repeatedly proved his strength in line with this identity.

But even in the eyes of Musk, who already holds human front-end technology, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence are not friendly. He is afraid of faster technological progress, and even becomes a bad guy. What is the reason behind this?

From autonomous driving to artificial intelligence, what are we afraid of?

Human-machine integration only takes 4-5 years

From mobile payment, autonomous driving, solar energy to artificial intelligence to the present, Musk is trying almost all fields that can achieve technological innovation. He does not think about whether you will pay for these technologies. Musk just wants to prove the necessity of these trends. , First create the material basis, and in the direction of creating technology, take Tesla as an example, the biggest endorsement word of this car brand is definitely not “electric car”, but autonomous driving.

Therefore, in the thinking of artificial intelligence, Musk jumped out of the concept of the great blueprint, but first solved the most basic problems in artificial intelligence theory: how to realize the connection method between humans and machines, and what equipment should be used to carry speed and speed. bandwidth. To this end, he proposed “neural lace”, an injectable mesh to realize the transmission mode, and then to connect the human brain and the computer in hardware, allowing them to communicate directly. Musk calls it “human-machine fusion.” Indeed, if even these basic problems cannot be solved, no matter how great the idea is, it is all nonsense.

The first step to realize artificial intelligence is to solve the basic transmission method. In the future, a chip may be implanted in your brain.

In Musk’s eyes, human-machine and PC are already devices in the semi-intelligent era. These devices have been overdrawn to a deep level, but semi-intelligence is limited by “finger touch” and “voice recognition”. For artificial intelligence, such interaction is too slow, and it is necessary to find a way to wirelessly transfer data directly from the brain to the device, or to the cloud with endless computing resources. This kind of technology that has been stuck in science fiction movies, Musk believes that it will only take 4-5 years to realize.

artificial intelligence thorny rose

This is not Musk’s first attempt at artificial intelligence, nor does it represent the pursuit of rapid implementation of artificial intelligence. Three years ago, he established OpenAI, a non-profit organization, and invested in DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company under Google, but behind this, Musk bluntly stated that artificial intelligence will be the biggest threat to mankind. The reason for investing, Just to be able to participate and clearly see how fast the current cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is developing. A TV recently released by Xiaomi also played the banner of artificial intelligence. You can find any content you want in the world of movies through voice interaction, from simple voice recognition to more complex semantic recognition (can be Reply to “Semantic Recognition” in the background of the public account “Automobile Technology” to see the video demonstration). Although this is still some distance from this positive AI, it is more like a mirror for future intelligent life.


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Published on 09/17/2022