From “Zero-Carbon Factory” to “Double-Carbon Park”, Kaos leads “Carbon” to find a new path!

As the “dual carbon” strategy enters the practical stage, reducing carbon emissions, implementing energy revolution, and Industrial revolution have become hot topics in the manufacturing industry. The effectiveness of low-carbon and digital “dual transformation” has also become an important measure of the core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises scale. In this context, many companies have launched a clear timetable for the realization of the “dual carbon” target, or formulated corresponding carbon emission reduction targets and carbon reduction measures, actively embracing the “zero carbon era”.

Adhering to the concept of green manufacturing and low-carbon transformation, COSMOPlat is constantly exploring a “zero-carbon future” under the guidance of the “dual-carbon” goal. From exploring “zero-carbon factories” in leading industries, to upgrading scenarios to build “dual-carbon parks”, and then exporting “zero-carbon solutions” for external empowerment, COSMOPlat has gone deeper and deeper on the road of green and low-carbon, with “zero carbon solutions”. The practice of “Carbon Smart Manufacturing” leads the best path of green manufacturing in China.

Leading: industry first,

Build a “zero carbon factory”

The industrial sector is key to achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. Data shows that carbon emissions in China’s industrial sector account for 70% of the overall carbon emissions, and the most basic unit to achieve green transformation is the factory. Not long ago, the group standard of “Zero-Carbon Factory Evaluation Specification” approved by China Energy Conservation Association was officially released, becoming the world’s first complete and quantifiable construction standard and evaluation rules for “zero-carbon factory”, which opened the possibility of “zero-carbon factory” construction. Quantitative prologue.

However, “zero carbon factory” does not mean zero emission of pollutants, but can achieve energy saving, emission reduction and carbon offset through technology, so that the factory has a comprehensive zero carbon emission performance. Therefore, this requires not only the energy conversion of the factory itself, but also the need to rely on digital technology to make the product manufacturing process more efficient, thereby reducing carbon emissions. In this regard, the four lighthouse factories built by COSMOPlat assisted by Haier are undoubtedly at the forefront of the industry, realizing the progress from “lighthouse factories” to “zero carbon factories”.

From “Zero-Carbon Factory” to “Double-Carbon Park”, Kaos leads “Carbon” to find a new path!

Taking Haier’s central air-conditioning interconnected factory selected as one of the first lighthouse factories in the world as an example, based on the personalized and diversified needs of users, COSMOPlat helps the factory build the world’s first “E+ cloud service platform” to realize intelligent control and data monitoring. 24 Real-time monitoring of the operation of air conditioners every hour, timely elimination of operating failures, 2 times the production efficiency, 50% energy saving of the system, and carbon reduction and consumption reduction in the whole life cycle from design, installation, commissioning to operation and maintenance.

Similarly, based on the characteristics of Haier’s different industries, COSMOPlat, through the “industry + smart energy” solution, helps Tianjin Haier washing machine interconnected factory product design speed increase by 50%, and unit energy consumption is reduced by 18%, enabling the efficiency of Zhengzhou Haier water heater interconnected factory Increase energy consumption by 31% and reduce energy consumption by 20%, realizing “lighthouse factory” and “zero carbon factory” go hand in hand. Today, by improving quality and efficiency in parallel with reducing carbon emissions and reducing carbon emissions, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Haier has reduced energy consumption per unit of output value by 30.3% and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 110,500 tons.

Leading the way: scene upgrades,

Build a “Double-Carbon Park”

According to public data, there are currently more than 20,000 industrial parks of various types in the country, and the growth rate of the park economy’s contribution to the national economy has exceeded 30%. At the same time, the energy consumption of industrial parks accounts for about 69% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and carbon emissions account for 69% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. The national total emissions are about 31%. Therefore, setting the industrial park as the foothold and key area for precise emission reduction, and ensuring the implementation of energy saving, consumption reduction, quality improvement and carbon reduction work is an important path for building a “dual-carbon park” to move towards a “zero carbon era”.

The Haier Sino-German Smart Park empowered by COSMOPlat is a typical representative of the industrial park that has achieved the lead on the “Double Carbon Road”. In fact, the construction of a “dual-carbon park” is not achieved overnight. It usually requires a “smart brain” that plays an overarching role to achieve multi-functional complementarity and multi-scenario interaction in the park. In the Haier Sino-German Smart Park, COSMOPlat, by deploying a smart energy master control platform, has explored a standardized model of sustainable development to improve energy efficiency, clean energy, and net zero emissions, so that the construction of the “dual-carbon park” can be implemented as Reality.

From “Zero-Carbon Factory” to “Double-Carbon Park”, Kaos leads “Carbon” to find a new path!

Combining technologies such as energy internet, big data, cloud computing, and 5G network, COSMOPlat Smart Energy, based on Haier’s years of experience in energy operation and management, helps the park to realize the “four-flow integration of energy flow, data flow, information flow, and carbon traceability flow”. “One”, and through centralized and intuitive dynamic monitoring and digital management of the whole process of production, transmission and distribution of energy and power in the park, improve and optimize the energy balance, achieve a comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of more than 80%, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 3.22% 10,000 tons, becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral “lighthouse base”.

While promoting the “zero carbon” advancement of the park, COSMOPlat also integrates energy substitution with carbon asset management operations to reshape the energy service scene. At present, the COSMOPlat smart energy solution of COSMOPlat not only empowers Haier to promote the construction of a green supply chain system to achieve full coverage of 18 industrial parks and 55 interconnected factories across the country, but also explores more than 560 scenarios and more than 1,000 sets of customized energy solutions The plan is to build a green ecosystem with “zero carbon” as its essence, so that more enterprises in the park can share green and low-carbon benefits.

Zhongxing: external empowerment,

Drive green development

Judging from the current development situation of green innovation, it is an indisputable fact that the manufacturing industry has taken off the hat of “high energy consumption and high emission”. However, as far as my country’s current transformation stage is concerned, a large number of parks and factories are still in the “green factory” transformation stage, and only a small number of leading companies have begun to test the waters of “zero-carbon factories” and “dual-carbon parks”. More time and more businesses to join.

For COSMOPlat, which has both ecological empowerment and green and low-carbon concepts, through cross-industry, cross-field, and cross-regional ecological empowerment, the experience of “zero-carbon intelligent manufacturing” and “dual-carbon transformation” can also be promoted. Copy to more enterprises and parks. For example, taking the Haier Sino-German Smart Park as a model, COSMOPlat copied the smart energy practice of “platform + park” to Tianjin Balitai to build a 5G + smart and safe dual-carbon park, which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 30% and reduce energy consumption. 20%, effectively solving the regulatory pain points caused by the lack of energy informatization, intelligence and energy information islands in the park.

From “Zero-Carbon Factory” to “Double-Carbon Park”, Kaos leads “Carbon” to find a new path!

In addition to making efforts in the industrial park, COSMOPlat also takes the “zero-carbon campus” as a joint point, and joins hands with Shandong University to jointly build the country’s first green and zero-carbon university. According to the plan, the two parties will jointly promote a dual-carbon research institute, jointly build a home appliance carbon footprint standard, and build a zero-carbon campus model, etc., to promote close cooperation between industry, academia and research, and accelerate the research and development of green innovation projects, green technology innovation and achievement transformation. , to achieve the deep integration of emerging technologies and green and low-carbon industries.

Today, with the expansion of the scope of external empowerment, COSMOPlat has implemented the carbon reduction concept and carbon reduction technology of the whole life cycle in different scenarios, and successfully built high energy consumption enterprises such as Maxim Group, Rongbai Technology, Wuhan Dongbei, etc. The transformation model, the Sino-German Smart Park, Tianjin Balitai and other park models, as well as the practice of zero-carbon universities, provide full-process and full-node empowerment for energy procurement, conversion, transmission, and use in various industries and fields.

The “Zero Carbon Road” has a long way to go. This not only requires all parties in the industry to increase key cutting-edge low-carbon technologies and increase the supply of zero-carbon energy, but also requires industry-leading companies to play a leading role in helping and leading small and medium-sized enterprises to jointly reduce carbon emissions. In the future, COSMOPlat, which has been at the forefront of the industry, will play the role of “leading goose” and “enabler” to promote sustainable development and help the green and low-carbon transformation of Made in China to go more steadily and effectively.

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Published on 12/07/2022