FUN FACT: Robots can do all human tasks by 2061

OFweekrobotRobots will replace millions of human jobs in the next 50 years, from truck drivers to best-selling authors, according to a new study by researchers at Oxford and Yale Universities, according to Business Insider. .

352 artificial intelligence (AI) researchers took part in the survey, giving their opinions on when robots will replace various human jobs.Katja Grace, who led the survey, and her colleagues found that the most likelyautomationyesmechanicalsexual tasks. For example, robots are expected to surpass humans in language translation by 2024; by 2026, robots will be able to write better high school-level papers than humans.

As for those more complex and creative tasks, such as writing books and doing advanced math, it takes longer. Ultimately, the researchers found, by 2061, AI will perform all human tasks, and by 2136, it will replace all human roles.

Here’s a timeline of how robots will be able to perform human tasks:

FUN FACT: Robots can do all human tasks by 2061

2018: Beat a human playing Angry Birds; 2019: Win the World Series of Poker;

2021: Folding laundry 2022: Transcribe speech;

2023: Assemble any LEGO brick;

2024: beat Atari playtesters in all games;

2025: reading texts aloud

2026: Write a high school essay.

2027: Drive a truck 2028: Generate top 40 pop songs on the charts 2029: Beat the fastest human runner in the 5000m race;

2033: Translate a new language with Rosetta Stone 2036: Become a retail salesperson;

2049: Writing a New York Times bestseller;

2057: Surgery;

2060: Research Mathematics;

2061: Complete all human missions.

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Published on 05/01/2023