​Gechuang Dongzhi Semiconductor’s CIM solution won the “Top Ten Core Power Products” award at the World Semiconductor Conference 2022

Recently, the 2022 World Semiconductor Conference and Nanjing International Semiconductor Expo with the theme of “World Chip Future Dream” was grandly opened in Nanjing. More than 100 semiconductor industry experts, industry leaders, and leading entrepreneurs gathered in the first large-scale semiconductor industry event in China’s Yangtze River Delta region this year, focusing on the new format of the semiconductor industry and the new trend of the future industry, in order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the semiconductor industry Suggestions and suggestions, conspiracy.

As the 2022 “Top Ten Core Power Products” award-winning enterprise selected by the organizing committee of the conference, Gechuang Dongzhi brought the award-winning “core power” product – Gechuang Dongzhi Semiconductor Smart Factory CIM Overall Solution, in the “IC Future 2022” core An important speech was given at the power product launch conference.

The “IC Future 2022” core power product selection is one of the key special activities of the World Semiconductor Conference, which aims to showcase the innovative products and technologies of the semiconductor industry and establish an industry benchmark that leads the trend. As the only semiconductor software product awarded this time, Getron Dongzhi Semiconductor Smart Factory CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System) overall solution has successfully made the list in the fierce competition with its excellent comprehensive technical strength. It fully reflects the industry’s high recognition of the strength and experience of Gechuang Dongzhi Semiconductor’s intelligent manufacturing.

​Gechuang Dongzhi Semiconductor’s CIM solution won the “Top Ten Core Power Products” award at the World Semiconductor Conference 2022

Gechuang Dongzhi is a national-level dual-cross-industry platform originating from the semiconductor manufacturing industry in my country. It has profound semiconductor industry precipitation. The self-developed CIM solution that participated and was selected this time integrates a complete production execution system MES, equipment A series of key systems such as management system EAP, statistical process control SPC, advanced process control APC, fault detection and classification FDC, yield management system YMS system, etc., realize dynamic equipment management, precise logistics management, efficient planning coordination, and transparent production Execution and accurate quality traceability, realizing end-to-end data and system integration and intelligent management of planning, procurement, and manufacturing, are leading the industry in terms of core technical strength and empowerment capabilities.

​Gechuang Dongzhi Semiconductor’s CIM solution won the “Top Ten Core Power Products” award at the World Semiconductor Conference 2022

Xiao Changbao, vice president of research and development of Gechuang Dongzhi Semiconductor Division, gave a comprehensive introduction to the functional use, cutting-edge and innovation of the product in his speech. Xiao Changbao said: “Semiconductor CIM system is equivalent to ‘EDA’ in the field of semiconductor manufacturing, and it is the life-level application software of integrated circuit manufacturing. The overall solution of CIM in the global semiconductor industry is faced with many uncertainties in the global semiconductor industry. The stable, independent and controllable localized CIM software is also a good helper for manufacturing enterprises to ensure efficient and agile manufacturing, and is helping domestic semiconductor factories to improve their competitiveness and cope with unknown challenges.”

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Published on 09/07/2022