Google injects capital into a news site, which mainly uses AI robots to write news (pictures)

OFweekrobotAccording to foreign media reports, Google is now funding a project that will use artificial intelligence to automatically edit news.

The Press Association, a British news organization, has raised about $807,000 from Google’s third round of financing for a digital news project. The Google project, called Reporters, Data and Robots (RADAR), uses an AI/human collaborative news site to deliver “compelling stories” every day.

Radar is listed as a “large” project on the DNI website, with the goal of providing a steady stream of ready-made content for small news sites:

Use editorial expertise andautomationThe combination, applied to the increasingly thriving open data and sales tools, will provide a major enhancement to the local digital news ecosystem, which will increase their budgets at a time when pressure on the local media industry is multiplying and when public interest in local news is so high .

That’s true, but don’t worry, my journalist friends, according to Press Association editor Pete Clifton, who doesn’t think AI will eliminate human journalists.

Google injects capital into a news site, which mainly uses AI robots to write news (pictures)

Skilled human reporters are still critical in the process, but radar allows us to use AI to scale to a vast array of local stories that would be impossible to provide manually.

Other beneficiaries of DNI funding are Al Jazeera’s AJ Labs app, the virtual newsroom WikiTribune and Dennis Publishing’s digital advertising platform ProjectArete. (yoyo)

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Published on 01/02/2023