Green Harmony launched a new generation of Y series harmonic reducers, with a production capacity of 300,000 units/year

With the rapid development of the Robot industry for many years, the scale of the Robot industry has increased, the maturity of Robot products and the supply and demand have gradually become balanced, and downstream customers have put forward higher requirements for the technical service capabilities of harmonic reducer companies.

Robot applications have gradually penetrated into various industries from the automotive industry and consumer electronics industry in the past, switching from mass production mode to general industrial flexible operation mode, robots are developing in the direction of miniaturization and light weight, and robots have become more dexterous and more flexible. Safety is critical for increasing manufacturing flexibility to accommodate high-mix, low-volume production.

On the one hand, when robot manufacturers provide system solutions for downstream customers, they increasingly need technical support from upstream core component manufacturers, and harmonic reducer companies need to take advantage of their overall advantages in technology and products to speed up their response and improve the industry space. the ability to convert into orders;

On the other hand, with more and more application scenarios of robots, the modularization and standardization requirements of different scenarios also increase. The platformization, modularization and standardization of robots will also be one of the future development trends.

With the increasing maturity of technology, the current harmonic reducer technology is developing in the direction of high precision and high stiffness. More complex environments in non-robot application fields have put forward higher requirements on the stiffness of harmonic reducers. Green Harmonic launched a new generation of Through the innovation of mathematical model, the optimization of bearing design and processing technology, the stiffness index of Y series harmonic reducer has been doubled compared with other existing products, so that the harmonic reducer has the opportunity to open more new application scenarios, and Further promote the improvement of its application technology.

Although the international economic environment is continuously affected by the epidemic, the demand for automated and intelligent production models in my country’s manufacturing industry is still strong. At the same time, with the introduction of my country’s “14th Five-Year Plan for Robot Industry Development Plan” and other policies, it will further promote the sustainable development of the robot industry. The market demand for the company’s products is good, and the company is steadily promoting the expansion of production, making the company’s product sales. Revenue and operating profit have grown significantly.

Green Harmony’s 2021 annual performance report shows that the company’s financial status is good, and it is actively promoting the construction of fundraising projects. The total operating income from January to December 2021 is 443 million yuan, an increase of 104.72% over the same period of the previous year; attributable to the parent company The net profit of the company’s shareholders was 191 million yuan, an increase of 133.38% over the same period of the previous year. The total assets of Green Harmonic were 2.086 billion yuan, an increase of 15.99% over the beginning of the reporting period; the basic earnings per share was 1.59 yuan, compared with 0.81 yuan in the same period last year, an increase of 94.47% over the previous year.

The main reason is that in 2021, the company will benefit from the good development trend of the downstream application fields of the company’s products, including industrial robots, high-end equipment and other industries, and the sales of green harmonic products will achieve a relatively large increase. Iteration and other related work, the company’s products have strong competitiveness in the market, resulting in a substantial increase in the company’s operating income, operating profit, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company, and earnings per share.

During the reporting period, the material cost of the harmonic reducer accounted for about 32% of the total cost, an increase of about 4% over the previous year, and the impact was relatively small. By the end of 2021, Green Harmonic said that its production capacity has reached the level of 300,000 harmonic reducers per year.

In order to realize the development strategy and further strengthen the company’s competitive advantage, Green Harmony said it will continue to give full play to its existing technology research and development advantages, keep up with the most advanced international technology information trends, and ensure that the company’s core technology level is always in the leading position in the industry. It will continue to carry out research on corporate governance structure optimization and advanced management systems, actively promote the construction of an integrated information platform for enterprise management, and realize the optimization of resource utilization, timeliness of information transmission, and transparency of enterprise management. , sales engineers and management personnel have been greatly expanded, and a professional talent team has been established to meet the needs of the company’s rapid development.

At the same time, Green Harmony will combine its own situation, industry development status and capital market situation, timely select enterprises for mergers and acquisitions, vertically integrate industrial layout, extend the company’s industrial chain, enrich product structure, expand production capacity, and improve comprehensive competitiveness.

Green Harmony launched a new generation of Y series harmonic reducers, with a production capacity of 300,000 units/year

Relevant information shows that Suzhou Green Harmonic Drive Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of precision transmission devices. Its products include harmonic reducers, mechatronics actuators and precision parts. Since 2003, the company’s core team has been engaged in the research on the theoretical basis of precision harmonic reducers for robots, and has been deeply involved in the field of harmonic transmission for nearly 20 years.

In June 2019, Green Harmony was selected as the first batch of specialized, special and new “little giant” enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2020, the company was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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Published on 08/30/2022