Guardian | INVT high-efficiency rolling mill solutions escort the production of qualified products for customers!

Background of the project

In the development of the iron and steel industry, efficient steel rolling process and technology is the main way of steel forming in this industry, and the rolling mill has also been greatly developed. A rolling mill is a machine that rolls steel between rotating rolls, and generally includes two major parts: main equipment (main machine) and auxiliary equipment (auxiliary machine). Using the rolling method to produce steel has the advantages of high production efficiency, many varieties, and easy automation.

Guardian | INVT high-efficiency rolling mill solutions escort the production of qualified products for customers!

client needs

At present, the development trend of rolling mills is continuous, automated and specialized. Due to the problems of high quality and high consumption in the operation of the customer’s rolling mill, and the production process is discontinuous, the customer expects to carry out the domestic transmission system transformation of this rolling mill. And in the case of retaining the original rectifier system, replace the new equipment to improve product quality and economic benefits.

INVT Solutions

According to the needs of customers and the process flow of the rolling mill, INVT provides customers with a solution of rectifier + DC bus + inverter multi-transmission control mode, using GD800-56 inverter cabinet, the control core is the ICU control unit developed by INVT , the product features are as follows:

  • It can be applied to various applications such as high overload capacity, high reliability, and continuous operation.
  • Have better anti-interference ability and flexible deployment.
  • Using a common DC bus system, the power consumption efficiency is the highest, and the feedback energy of the motor can be utilized.

GD800 multi-transmission series can realize seamless replacement with the customer’s original inverter unit, and seamless connection with the customer’s original TSU rectifier unit. Each inverter unit and motor form a set of transmission system to achieve the purpose of common bus operation, which can be easily and flexibly realized. Common busbar requirements of users. This solution has the advantages of cost reduction and efficiency increase, and low failure rate.

Guardian | INVT high-efficiency rolling mill solutions escort the production of qualified products for customers!

INVT solution system structure diagram

Customer benefits

  • Reduce failure rate: GD800-56 has high overload capacity and high reliability;
  • Increase production capacity: avoid downtime problems and improve automation level, the production process is continuous and high-speed;
  • Cost reduction: After the transformation of the domestic transmission system, the difficulty of pre-procurement and post-maintenance is reduced, the after-sales service efficiency is high, and the cost can be saved by 20%.


INVT’s reliable rolling mill solutions help customers’ equipment run faster and more efficiently. INVT has been deeply involved in the iron and steel industry for more than ten years, and is committed to the construction of electric drive solutions for the whole process of iron and steel, and provides a wealth of special products for the iron and steel industry that are applied to the whole process of iron and steel process equipment. With strong technology and sophisticated equipment, it helps steel enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and develop green and low-carbon development.

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Published on 02/07/2023