HEYTEA has laid off large-scale employees

HEYTEA layoffs: In general, 30% of employees were involved, some departments were completely laid off, excessive overtime, delayed year-end bonuses, infighting in the company, and gangs broke out.

According to Sina Finance, HEYTEA is implementing layoffs within the company. The layoffs were started a year ago, and some more will be laid off after the year, involving 30% of employees in total. Some employees claim that there is no year-end bonus for all employees, while others say that it is “deferred”. The information security department was completely cut, and the store expansion department was cut by 50%. Laid off employees will receive normal N+1 compensation, or they can choose to be internally transferred to other departments, such as technical positions to business positions. The annual meeting has no meals and few benefits. Employees are forced to stay at 10 o’clock in the evening and participate until 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. On the live broadcast screen of the annual meeting, messages such as salary increases and year-end bonuses covered the whole screen.

Internal analysis believes that the development of HEYTEA has reached a bottleneck period, and the store department is no longer important. At present, most of HEYTEA’s employees are in a state of “lying flat” and watching. This large-scale layoff has caused the excessive overtime work, delayed year-end bonuses, and infighting in the company to break out at HEYTEA, making the employees extremely negative. A HEYTEA employee revealed that the 3-month year-end bonus promised on entry was cancelled when he heard that the bonus was cancelled. Like many young new consumer companies, HEYTEA has also been exposed to problems such as chaotic internal management, obvious infighting, and unclear systems by employees.

Some ex-employees revealed, “This layoff is partly the result of political struggles. The senior management team of HEYTEA rarely stays for two years. Usually they leave in more than a year, and some are fired in half a year. The gangs are very obvious. Previously, the executives were from Tencent, and the internal team was replaced by people from Tencent; before that, they were all from Vipshop.” If employees belong to the executive faction, they will get good performance appraisals even if they try to fish. This kind of internal management is too much for many employees, so there is a lot of staff turnover within HEYTEA, and few people have been there for two years.

Domestic News

Tencent fresh graduates anger management follow-up: it is reported that he has resigned and is marked as never hired

Some time ago, there was a topic #TencentGraduates who are angry with the management# on the hot search, and received the attention and discussion of a large number of netizens.

It is reported that the origin of the incident is that on the evening of January 25th, a fresh graduate employee of Tencent’s WeChat company in a large group within the department, due to the high-intensity overtime problem caused by “rushing the version”, sent a message to the management angrily. The employee mentioned that the company’s product department recently sent instant incentives such as the “Breakthrough Self Award”. In a comment on one of the employees, it was mentioned that the employee had been designing and developing in parallel for more than 20 consecutive hours in order to launch the internal test project. In the 4.0 project of the enterprise WeChat and WeChat customer service official website, the employee continued to develop for 1 week after completing the development. High-strength completed more than 200 product and design walkthrough modifications.

At present, it is reported that he has left Tencent and has been marked as “never hired” by the personnel department. Not only will he not be able to continue to join Tencent, but even if he joins other big Internet companies, he will most likely be rejected. (Fast Technology)

The original Wind employee who jumped to station B was claimed for 2 million, and won the second instance: competition restrictions should not hinder the re-employment of engineers

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, Wang, a former data analyst at Wind, joined station B as a software engineer. He was found to have violated the non-compete agreement and applied for labor arbitration. He demanded compensation of 2 million yuan for liquidated damages at ten times the annual salary of the previous year. . According to the first-instance judgment of the Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court, Wang should continue to perform the non-compete dispute and must pay Wind a penalty of 240,000 yuan for breaching the non-compete, which is equivalent to Wang’s salary for the year before his departure. Wang refused to accept the verdict and appealed.

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Published on 09/19/2022