Highlights of JD.com X Robotics Challenge. The next step is to pay more attention to warehousing intelligence?

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On March 25th, as the Water Drop Team of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications raised the championship trophy, the JD 2017 JRC X organized by JD X DivisionRobotThe challenge finals have officially come to an end.

The 12 teams that finally entered the finals will carry out Robot design and on-site challenges for commodity picking and palletizing scenarios in real warehousing environments, and propose more possible solutions for future logistics intelligence.

Advanced intelligent technology is applied by the contestants

It is reported that the finals were carried out around the central link of smart logistics – robots for palletizing and sorting in unmanned warehouses. Among them, 9 teams chose the picking task. The robots took out the designated goods from the shelves and put them into the venue. in the material box at the other end;

Highlights of JD.com X Robotics Challenge. The next step is to pay more attention to warehousing intelligence?

3 teams carry out the palletizing operation. The Robot has to select the products of different colors from the scattered products and put them neatly into the narrow designated bins.

Highlights of JD.com X Robotics Challenge. The next step is to pay more attention to warehousing intelligence?

The reporter of the first logistics all-media Modern Logistics News observed on the spot and found that domestic students have very advanced mastery of intelligent robot technology, especially logistics intelligent technology.

For example, many teams have used redundant positioning of sensors to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy, making the stacking of goods more accurate and in place; using the color and shape recognition system of OpenCV to establish a three-dimensional field of view, so that intelligent robots can be used in unmanned warehouses. Walk around obstacles; use the negative pressure suction cup gripper to greatly improve the grasping efficiency of commodity packaging boxes; use Mecanum wheels to realize omnidirectional translation and in-situ rotation.mechanicalThe structure makes the robot move more dexterously and conveniently; AprilTags assists positioning to eliminate robot movement judgment errors; 8*8 array Tactile tactile sensors that support ROS, initially realize flexible grasping and reduce damage to goods during robot operation…

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JD Logistics may adopt new ideas from students

Xiao Jun, president of JD.com’s X business unit, revealed that outstanding students who participated in the competition would be more likely to be absorbed by JD.com. “We think these solutions are also very inspiring (for JD.com), and some are very innovative.”

Highlights of JD.com X Robotics Challenge. The next step is to pay more attention to warehousing intelligence?

He gave an example. Currently, the handling robots in logistics are mainly two-wheel drive, with a higher level of technology, but the four-wheel drive technology can be seen on the scene, which is also very useful for reference. At the same time, he introduced that some team ideas and plans are very good, but limited by time, funding, test scenarios and other constraints, they failed to achieve the expected results, and will continue to support in the future, “Maybe more innovative results will be created. “

This means that many students’ excellent ideas may eventually be realized in the field of smart logistics, contributing to the current industry development.

Some experts commented that students’ in-depth exploration and bold innovation in application mode, system architecture, machine vision, neural network, motion control, autonomous navigation, etc., will provide more paths for the intelligent development of logistics.

JD.com’s next step or focus on warehousing intelligence

① The game scene is more suitable for the logistics application scene. Xiao Jun explained that the reason why the X Robot Challenge chose the palletizing and picking scene instead of being a PK of a cool robot is mainly to better fit the actual operation scene of JD Logistics. “One is to pick the goods instead of our pickers, and the other is to palletize the goods after they are removed. These are two very important scenarios in the entire logistics industry.”

At the annual meeting of JD.com, Liu Qiangdong once emphasized that JD.com’s strategy for the next 12 years – will firmly transform to technology in an all-round way, and use technology to deal with the rapidly changing world. “In the next 12 years, JD.com will only have three things – technology! Technology! Technology !”. The setting of this challenge is very consistent with this.

② This year or more focus on warehousing intelligence. After JD.com established the X division, it has been involved in drones, terminal distribution robots, unmanned warehouses, and warehousing robots. Last year’s “Double 11”, distribution robots, warehousing robots, sorting robots, etc. have been put into use.

Highlights of JD.com X Robotics Challenge. The next step is to pay more attention to warehousing intelligence?

Fu Bing, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of the logistics planning and development department, said that the proportion of these aspects will increase this year. “Jingdong will invest a lot this year to test equipment or robots to solve actual logistics scenarios.”

As for the aspect that is more focused at present, he said that in terms of his personal responsibility for the business, he will pay more attention to the smart logistics technology in warehousing. “These two years are a key point.”

Regarding the development of intelligent robots for distribution, he said: “There will be more attempts next year.”

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Published on 09/04/2022