Hikvision Robot adds powerful “wings” to Zhongbai Logistics

Zhongbai Group, which has been rooted in Wuhan for 85 years, is full of abundant New Year goods to protect the city’s “fireworks”. Its logistics central warehouse integrates cutting-edge technologies such as Hikvision Robot AMR, forming an all-round, three-dimensional, information-based and intelligent distribution service. Provide protection for thousands of stores.

Hikvision Robot adds powerful “wings” to Zhongbai Logistics

Project Overview

Zhongbai Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale commercial chain listed company, mainly in the commercial retail industry, integrating department stores, warehouse supermarkets, convenience supermarkets and other business formats coexisting, operating in import and export trade, e-commerce, logistics and distribution, fresh and cooked food processing and other fields.

Supermarket logistics model innovation

The delivery timeliness and delivery volume of the supermarket business are the two core elements of the logistics transfer center. Zhongbai Group focuses on diversified and high-quality needs. There are more than 1,200 stores in various formats such as Bai Warehouse, Zhongbai Supermarket, Zhongbai Lawson, Zhongbai Department Store, and Zhongbai Industry and Trade Appliances in the city. Among them, Zhongbai Lawson is located in Hubei, Hunan has more than 600 outlets, with an average daily order delivery volume of more than 20,000 boxes, and a total of 1,700 types of C-category commodities.

Hikvision Robot adds powerful “wings” to Zhongbai Logistics

“Black technology” into the warehouse Zhongbai Logistics Jiangxia Warehouse

In order to improve the logistics efficiency in the warehouse area, Zhongbai Logistics and Hikvision Robotics conducted in-depth discussions on operation mode, input equipment, system architecture, business process and other aspects, and finally decided to introduce Hikvision robot intelligence based on “goods-to-person” AMR. Warehousing solutions.

Hikvision Robot adds powerful “wings” to Zhongbai Logistics

Zhongbai Logistics Jiangxia Warehouse started the construction of a smart factory in 2020, and put into use 111 latent AMRs (mobile Robots), realizing the picking of C-type goods in the warehouse area on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. The whole process of collection and delivery after the order is transferred by AMR, which greatly reduces the difficulty and labor intensity of workers’ selection, and saves labor costs.

Project Highlights

Smart Logistics System Integration

The smart logistics system of the Zhongbai project mainly integrates WMS, TMS, Hikvision Robot control system RCS-2000 and intelligent warehouse management system iWMS-1000, to complete the order waves across 4 floors and across multiple regions. Sorting/merging, 111 AMRs realize the transfer of goods from the storage area to the sorting area with zero labor.

Hikvision Robot adds powerful “wings” to Zhongbai Logistics

Flexible deployment and quick response

RCS-2000 implements cluster control, traffic control, route optimization, etc. for 111 AMRs. The system has the advantage of flexible expansion, and there is no need to re-plan the layout. Users can flexibly increase or decrease the number of robots and picking stations to quickly and calmly respond to possible future problems. Business fluctuating needs.

Hikvision Robot adds powerful “wings” to Zhongbai Logistics

Complex drop-off strategy

The intelligent warehouse management system iWMS-1000 customizes complex racking and unloading strategies such as specific material mixing, last number box priority, PTL allocation, etc., and the configuration is flexible.

The project is forward-looking to meet the increment until 2030

The project meets the requirements of Zhongbai’s logistics planning, with 12,000 items in stock and 1.3 million pieces in total. At the same time, the project is forward-looking and is expected to meet the increase in orders brought about by the convenience store layout plan in Wuhan to 2030. volume demand.

Project income

Double picking efficiency

It greatly reduces the work intensity of workers, improves the efficiency of warehouse picking and distribution, and increases the delivery efficiency from 8,000 pieces per hour to a maximum of 16,000 pieces per hour, saving 50 factory logistics personnel.

Hikvision Robot adds powerful “wings” to Zhongbai Logistics

Open up information flow and eliminate information silos

Through the connection between RCS-2000 and iWMS-1000, WMS, and TMS, the information flow of material handover in each link is opened, and a large number of paper documents during manual handover are saved.

Improve production management level

The traditional manual distribution operation has been upgraded to the AMR “goods-to-person” model, which solves the management pain points of warehousing personnel and realizes half-hour training for logistics personnel.

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Published on 01/07/2023