Hilscher emphasizes IIoT strategy – Thomas Rauch becomes new CTO

Hilscher is strengthening the technical expertise of its management team by welcoming Thomas Rauch as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Hilscher emphasizes IIoT strategy – Thomas Rauch becomes new CTO

At Hilscher, Mr. Rauch was responsible for the hardware, chips, software and cloud areas. The veteran engineer with a passion for technology will also support the Hartsheim-based industrial communications specialist in the implementation of its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy.

According to Mr Rauch: “As digitization progresses, the boundaries between industries are becoming more and more blurred, which makes it even more important to provide customers with a standardized platform on which they can develop simple but practical solutions. This is also Why our employees are extensively involved in various organisations and committees aimed at promoting the necessary standards and guidelines as a digital enabler.”

Mr Rauch stressed that it was important to meet his clients and partners “on an equal footing”. As a medium-sized company, Hilscher can meet the needs of customers in more detail and create transparency for the development of joint projects. “With our product portfolio and services, we can provide our larger market partners with the comprehensive solutions they expect.”

The 41-year-old CTO has extensive operational and strategic experience, in addition to his skills in software engineering, he has over a decade of experience building and managing “agile engineering” teams and is a Scaled Consultant of Ag-ile Framework (SAFe). Before joining Hilscher, Mr. Rauch was the owner of the software product value stream at FNT GmbH in Ellwangen.

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Published on 10/08/2022