Hon Hai will develop the third-generation semiconductor technology this year and establish a robot manufacturing platform: the layout of the 3+3 strategy

Pinwan, January 13, according to market news, Hon Hai Group announced on January 12 that it will continue to implement the 3+3 strategy this year, which are three future industries and three core technologies. In addition to expanding the open platform for smart electric vehicles and the three prototype models, Hon Hai will also develop third-generation semiconductor technology (SiC silicon carbide components, etc.), and integrate advanced silicon optoelectronic technology.applicationin electric vehicles andRoboton the product.
The three future industries are: electric vehicles, digital health, and robots. The three core technologies are: artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and new-generation communications.
Hon Hai pointed out on the official website that the existing market scale of the three major future industries is huge, each industry has a scale of more than 3 trillion US dollars, and the compound annual growth rate is greater than 20%. The three core technologies can be used as the core competitiveness of the group to develop the three major industries.
In the field of electric vehicles, based on the open platform of smart electric vehicles, Hon Hai will expand the scale of three models of self-developed prototype vehicles, including Model C SUV, Model E flagship sedan, and Model T intelligent electric bus, and increase Hon Hai’s presence in The influence of the global electric vehicle industry.
In the field of digital health, Hon Hai will use core capabilities such as precision assembly, opto-mechanical systems, key component development, semiconductor packaging and testing, and combine software and hardware, big data, wireless communications and other technologies.
In the field of robots, Hon Hai pointed out that it will continue the energy of industrial robots, develop towards the mobile Robot industry, invest in key Robot technologies, and establish a robot manufacturing platform to help customers build service robots.
In semiconductor technology, Hon Hai pointed out that the strategic goals are transformation, technology, autonomy, and intelligence, creating product differentiation through customized specifications, and forming alliances with international manufacturers for in-depth cooperation in products, technology, and production capacity.
Hon Hai said that it has four core strategies in the semiconductor field, including providing stable small ICs, co-designing its own ICs, independent development of key technologies, and deploying multiple production capacities.
In artificial intelligence technology, Hon Hai pointed out that through the establishment of a software R&D center, it will continue to promote software-defined enterprises and software-specific vehicles, and plan related open platforms to share AI data, AI algorithms, and AI models with the industry.

In the new generation of communication, Hon Hai also established a research institute, focusing on the research and development of B5G / 6G wireless communication network technology, which can be applied to industries including new energy vehicles and robots in the future.

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Published on 08/27/2022