Honeywell and China Federation of Things Cold Chain Committee hold a special forum to discuss the new trend of cold chain smart and low-carbon development

August 19, 2022 – Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) recently held “Huo Youdao, Chain Future – Insights into Cold Chain Policy and Development Trends at the 14th Global Cold Chain Summit” Frontier technology application” special forum activity, together with upstream and downstream experts in the industry to discuss the development status and trends of the cold chain logistics industry, and introduced the company’s end-to-end solutions in the cold chain industry and low-GWP refrigeration technology. The digitalization and low-carbon transformation of China’s cold chain logistics provides innovative ideas.

“Huo Youdao, Chain Future – Insight into Cold Chain Policies and Development Trends, Sharing Frontier Technology Applications” thematic forum

This forum was hosted by the Cold Chain Logistics Professional Committee of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (hereinafter referred to as “China Federation of Things Cold Chain Committee”). Enterprises and industry experts from upstream and downstream of the cold chain, such as cold chain equipment and cold storage, share and discuss topics such as industry development trends, policy orientation, and technological innovation. As the organizer of this special forum, Honeywell introduced the company’s insights, thinking and innovative practices on the development of the cold chain industry in depth.

In recent years, as cold chain logistics has gradually become an important infrastructure industry in the context of China’s industrial upgrading and expansion of domestic demand, creating a standardized, intelligent and low-carbon modern cold chain logistics system has become the focus of the industry. At the end of 2021, the first “Five-Year Plan” for the cold chain logistics industry, the “14th Five-Year Plan for Cold Chain Logistics Development”, was released, which pointed out the direction for the cold chain logistics industry to speed up meeting the requirements of the new development pattern.

“With the increasingly strong consumer demand for fresh food and food, coupled with the rapid rise of new models and new formats such as community e-commerce and fresh food retail, China’s cold chain industry has ushered in a new era of rapid development.” Zhongwu Qin Yuming, Secretary-General of the Cold Chain Committee, said, “After the release of the “14th Five-Year Plan for Cold Chain Logistics Development”, there is a guiding program for the healthy and sound development of China’s cold chain industry. We believe that including Honeywell, With the joint efforts of leading enterprises in China, China’s cold chain will surely step onto a new level.”

“With the rapid development of the cold chain industry and changes in consumer demand, digital technologies and low-carbon solutions can effectively help the cold chain industry to transform,” said Yu Feng, President of Honeywell China. “As a digital industrial high-tech enterprise, 60% of Honeywell’s product research and development is based on improving customers’ environmental performance and social benefits. We are very pleased to introduce Honeywell’s end-to-end solutions in the cold chain field to the industry through this forum. Mature low-GWP refrigerant technology, working with customers and partners to help the cold chain industry achieve a more low-carbon, smart and sustainable development.”

Yu Feng, President of Honeywell China, delivered a keynote speech on “Twenty Years of Cold Chain – Viewing the Development and Prospect of China’s Cold Chain Industry”

As a high-tech enterprise that has been deeply involved in the automation and control industry for decades, Honeywell has an integrated end-to-end solution for the cold chain industry, from cold chain data acquisition equipment, sensors, warehousing automation equipment, and safety monitoring equipment at the edge device layer. , refrigeration equipment, etc., to the industrial cloud platform at the IOT layer, the end-to-end transportation monitoring system, warehouse management system, energy management system at the application layer, and the operation analysis visualization platform at the decision-making layer. These mature technologies and market-tested solutions can fully support the development needs of the cold chain logistics industry. A few days ago, Honeywell has reached a cooperation with General Cold International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a cold chain enterprise specializing in high-quality food logistics, to provide the general cold Chengdu Longquan Yiku project with the storage cranes, including the stacker specially customized for the cold storage environment. Newell warehouse automation system and high-level vertical warehouse solutions.

At this event, Honeywell also introduced its low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant technology that has been tested in the market. Honeywell’s Solstice® low-GWP family of products, based on Honeywell’s breakthrough hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology, helps customers reduce their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency without sacrificing end product performance. This series of products are widely used in industrial and commercial refrigeration and other fields. For example, Sinopharm Holding Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group, uses Honeywell Solstice® N40 refrigerant in its vaccine cold storage expansion project in Shanghai to store various vaccines for use in the Shanghai area, including COVID-19. vaccine. This project marks the first time Solstice® N40 has been used in medical cold chain storage, effectively reducing carbon emissions during vaccine storage and distribution.

In China, Honeywell firmly implements the localized development strategy of “the East serves the East”, based on the new development pattern, and joins hands with upstream and downstream partners in the industry to jointly write a new chapter in the innovation and development of China’s cold chain logistics industry, and further promote the cold chain Digital transformation and sustainable development in the logistics industry.

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Published on 08/30/2022