How can the hotel industry that has pressed the restart button resume work and save itself?Cloud trace robot helps hotel revenue

With the gradual improvement of the national epidemic situation, it has become the main task of the current society to focus on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand and economic production on the other.Huazhu Group took the lead in requiring more than 5,700 of its hotels to implement intelligent “contactless services”, and the “Huazhu” self-check-in equipment has served more than 15,000 guests in total;RobotAccumulated more than 24,000 deliveries.

This move by Huazhu is not an exception. Hotel groups such as Hanyue, Kaiyuan and Lanou also vigorously strengthened contactless services during the epidemic, which effectively reduced the risk of cross-infection between employees and guests, and brought a new service experience to hotel guests. , the busy cloud track delivery Robot has become a unique scenery in the hotel during the epidemic.

1. The hotel industry that hits the reset button

On February 25, a reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald learned from Huazhu Group that the overall opening rate of its directly-operated hotels has been close to 90%, except for some of its directly-operated hotels. The on-the-job rate of store managers in 6,000 stores has reached 98%.

It can be seen that although the hotel industry has been greatly affected by the epidemic, it can keenly seize the market opportunity of economic recovery and resumption of work and production, and actively press the restart button. Behind this is closely related to the intelligent, “contactless services” and innovative services adopted during the epidemic.

2. Contactless service helps hotels fight the epidemic

It is worth noting that the current epidemic is not completely over, and the primary problem to be solved in the recovery of the hotel industry is still epidemic prevention and control. During the epidemic, robots that provide contactless services may help hotels solve this problem.

How can the hotel industry that has pressed the restart button resume work and save itself?Cloud trace robot helps hotel revenueDuring the epidemic, Yunji Robot waiter “Run” worked in the hotel

Some industry analysts pointed out that robots can be on standby 24 hours a day, which is significantly higher than manual labor in terms of working hours and workload. During the epidemic period, the contactless service advantages of Yunji robots have been significantly enlarged. In the case of limited human resources in hotels and severe epidemic risks, robots can undertake most of the tedious and repetitive services such as delivery, food delivery, and guest guidance, which not only saves money Human resources also make hotel services more efficient and safe.

In the more than a month of experiencing the epidemic, the “retaliatory rebound” is what every hotel person is looking forward to. According to the “Data Analysis Report on China’s Hotel Industry Epidemic Response and Appeals Survey” by Maidian Research Institute, 43.75% of the respondents indicated that they foresee a rebound in consumption after the epidemic and are ready to occupy a larger market.

Although the epidemic’s destruction of confidence is nationwide, we believe that the tourism and lodging industries have good resilience, and once the short-term impact of the epidemic is over, revenue recovery is just around the corner. Yunji Robot’s contactless service and Yunji online mall may help hotels to tap consumer market demand and provide customers with services and products during the downturn in performance affected by the epidemic. “Xiaoyangchun” to prepare.

Published on 09/15/2022