How do robot companies break through the application problems in the 3C field?

Judging from the overall situation of the current market, the 3C electronics industry has undoubtedly become aRobotThe industry is competing for the sweet pastry, but at the same time, the application difficulty of robots in 3C is also the most difficult in the industry. Faced with the increasing pressure of the 3C industry for flexible production requirements, how should domestic Robot companies respond to break through the technical bottleneck?

What is the application status and demand of robots in the 3C industry? In response to the double pressure of shortening the time to market of 3C electronic products and increasing requirements for flexible production, what technological breakthroughs have domestic Robot companies passed?for the fourth timeindustryThe revolution is seamless, how will the 3C industry continue in the futureautomationRetrofit?
Analysis of the problem of robot substitution

These are the ten issues that customers are most concerned about with machine substitution: reducing labor costs, improving production efficiency, simplifying management mode, providing work safety, enhancing production flexibility, reducing material consumption ratio, reducing production process costs, improving plant area utilization, Product quality has been improved, and corporate brand reputation has been improved. Customers are most concerned about reducing labor costs. Customers often ask me how long it takes to recover the cost of my equipment. Second, the 3C industry has determined that it is a multi-batch and small variety. We do not have such a large volume. Such a large number of suppliers are Foxconn, BYD, and first- and second-tier OEM brands. The customers we access now may be third-tier. , it is also possible to transfer orders in the first and second lines. Third, customers will ask us, after I use the equipment, the entire consumables, and now labor waste is a very serious problem, so customers must pay attention to the ratio of consumables. There is also the improvement of corporate branding. We know that customers will now ask whether the company has automation. Automation means on-time delivery and quality improvement, so the robot was not too determined about the order before, but it has now become a corporate brand reputation enhancement. standard.
Let’s take a look at the four important issues of robot substitution. We often talk about which robot you use. In fact, which robot is used is only a small step. All robot bodies, no matter which one, must be combined with our products. The process can only be debugged after secondary development and integration to adapt to the production of domestic enterprises. Apple is very comfortable with automation, including Huawei and Xiaomi, but why is it difficult to advance in many of our industries? The reason is that our product design is designed according to the manual production process. I touched a few cases, the first one was a charger for a laptop, we know this round head. The second is earphones, many people want to use automation, but there is no way, because the first wire is too flexible and difficult to fix, and secondly, it does not design the automation of this process, so the degree of product automation process design determines the development progress of the integration project . Third, we told customers that many people said how cheap my plan was when they went out to take orders. He was 200,000 and I was 150,000. You will lead customers to misunderstandings. We told him very accurately that the price of replacing a machine with a human is not low. Your so-called 150,000 and 200,000 are just the cost of hardware, as well as other supporting services for customers. It is useless if you put the machine there. He also To receive training, if your equipment is difficult to learn, he has to support a team, which is far greater than the cost of his hardware investment. We have to make it clear to him. The fourth question is connected with the third question. The investment in application tools and software is more difficult than the investment in hardware. We need to make a line move, need line application engineers, and line body needs maintenance engineers.
This is the most painful problem at present. The first is that the customer’s awareness is not strong enough, and we need to re-educate. Also, our entire application, our entire development talent, and our entire funding chain went wrong, so funding and talent are my top priorities. The second question is that many enterprises already have some stand-alone workstations. It is impossible for us to replace the original equipment. The utilization rate of the imported equipment needs to be improved, which needs to be considered when planning the overall transformation. The third problem is that enterprises do not have enough knowledge of machine substitution, and not enough knowledge of software and industrial fixtures. This is doomed that some of our projects are in the wrong direction from the beginning. The fourth is the lack of professional service organizations, which is the same as the first problem, that is, lack of talents, lack of application fields, development-oriented talents, and lack of institutions for training talents. This is why you dig me and I dig you now. Problems with professional service organizations. Another is that some key common technologies need to be overcome. We often sign non-disclosure agreements in the industry. In fact, we help the industry solve problems, but in the end, it is difficult for us to promote it in the industry because there are non-disclosure agreements.
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Published on 10/08/2022