How doctors can compete with artificial intelligence for jobs

OFweekRobotOn the 21st, the artificial intelligence film reading software “Alpha Dog” appeared in Wuhan Tongji Hospital. “To see a lung CT, doctors usually need ten minutes to half an hour, but it only takes 5 seconds; for small lesions within 3 mm, it is easy to be missed by the naked eye, but it can be clearly identified and given to the patient. An extra insurance is added to the diagnosis.” Professor Xia Liming, director of the Department of Radiology of Tongji Hospital, was full of admiration for the newly developed and introduced “Alpha Dog”. (“Wuhan Morning News” on June 22)

At present, artificial intelligence doctors are developing rapidly, and various intelligent medical products have been launched one after another. For example, in the field of skin diseases, artificial intelligence can find the slight differences between different skin diseases and make accurate and rapid diagnosis of skin diseases. Not long ago, the artificial intelligence doctor “Watson” once came out, which caused quite a stir in the medical system. It can provide treatment plans for 7 types of cancer patients, and the compliance rate with the treatment plans of the top international expert group is as high as 90%.

Especially in auxiliary departments such as radiology department, ultrasound examination room, ECG room, etc., the degree of impact is undoubtedly greater, because CT films, ultrasound images, ECG waveforms, etc. are objective data, and artificial intelligence can play its unique advantages. Small differences that are hard to spot, AI can spot. This smart product introduced by Tongji Hospital has expertise in reading images. Artificial intelligence doctors have the potential to defeat some specialist doctors. Maybe one day, in departments such as radiology, only the on-duty personnel and control personnel can be retained.

The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence is its super memory and discrimination ability. It can read and memorize a large number of academic articles, memorize and easily recall medical data. match. Therefore, in terms of objective data analysis, doctors do not have to try to shut out artificial intelligence, but boldly introduce artificial intelligence to make it a helper for doctors and relieve doctors from some tedious work.

In terms of objective data analysis, humans are inferior to intelligent machines, but in terms of subjective thinking, intelligent machines are inferior to humans. Not only that, human beings have emotions, but intelligent machines do not. Medicine belongs to the humanities, which means that doctors have emotions, know heat and cold in subjective thinking, can perceive the pain of patients, and can share weal and woe with patients and integrate their hearts. In this regard, cold machines or procedures will never be able to, and doctors can use this to form a unique attraction for patients.

In the era of intelligence, if doctors are still as in the past, they only have examination results in their eyes and no patients, they just issue examination orders, they are unwilling to perform physical examinations after heating their hands, they only focus on analyzing objective quantities, and they do not want to look up at patients. say somethingmechanicalSexual language will not talk to patients about their parents’ shortcomings. Then, doctors will use their own shortcomings to compete with the strengths of artificial intelligence. The doctors will be dwarfed, and the rationality of such doctors’ existence will be questioned. Only by leaving the cold data to the machine and the enthusiasm to ourselves can we show the advantages of human beings and realize the complementary advantages of human and machine.

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Published on 09/20/2022