How should industrial robots transform into intelligent robots?

RobotIt has increasingly penetrated into people’s production and life. However, there is still a long way to go for domestic robots to reach the leading level.moremechanicalIt is an irresistible technological replacement that all chemical jobs will be replaced by robots.industryDevelopment is people’s life. It is a matter of concern for domestic enterprises how to overtake in corners in this future trend.

1.Industrial RobotAccording to the structure, it can be divided into four categories, namely Cartesian coordinate Robot, cylindrical coordinate robot, spherical coordinate robot and multi-joint robot. Among them, the multi-joint robot is the most widely used robot, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and strong flexibility.

2. The composition of industrial robots, including upstreamreducer,controller,Servomotorand other core components, as well as control systems and servo systems; the midstream includes body components such as arms, bases, swivels, wrists, and struts, as well as operating systems andsensoretc. Downstream includes system integration, secondary software development, and custom end effectors such as grippers.

3. Industries in Japan, Germany, South Korea, and the United StatesRobot marketMaturity is high, and China is the most potential developing country. China, Japan, and the United States are major purchasers of industrial robots, but the penetration rate of industrial robots in China is much lower than in developed countries.

How should industrial robots transform into intelligent robots?

4. Industries in developed countries such as Japan, Germany, and the United Statesrobot technologyAnd the penetration rate advantage is obvious, among which Japan is the largest producer and consumer of industrial robots in the world.

5. Abb, FANUC, KUKA, and YASKAWA Electric are the world’s major suppliers of industrial robots.

6. In 2013, China has become the world’s largest purchaser of industrial robots, with a compound growth rate of 36% in the past six years, ranking first in the world. China’s industrial robot market is in the start-up period, and the gap between local enterprises and international manufacturers is obvious. The lack of raw materials, key component technology, and talent is the main reason.

7. China’s industrial robots are mainly used in automobile and parts manufacturing, electrical and electronic, metal/machining, food, logistics and other fields, among whichXinsong RobotIt has become a leader in China’s own brand industrial robots.

8. But the development of industrial robots is also facing many bottlenecks.

First, it is the first-mover advantage of international manufacturers, and the market concentration exceeds 70%;

Second, yesreducerServo machines and other core components are missing, domestic manufacturers are very dependent on international manufacturers, and the purchase premium is serious;

The third point is the technical barriers and closed attitudes of international manufacturers;

Fourth, the lack of raw materials leads to an increase in the production cost of enterprises;

Fifth, there is a lack of high-end technical talents, and there is a certain gap with international developed countries.

9. China’s industrial robot industry has entered a critical point of acceleration, and the future development will take four steps.

The first step is to complete the software and system construction;

The second step is to improve the level of independent research and development of body and parts;

The third step is the rapid popularization of self-owned brand industrial robots;

In the fourth step, technological applications such as robots and the Internet of Things lead intelligent manufacturing;

10. The construction of smart factories is closely related to the development of robotics, and the continuous iteration of technologies such as the Internet of Things and mobile communications is the key to research and robotProvide support.

More mechanized jobs will be replaced by robots is an irresistible technological replacement, both in industrial development and in people’s lives. It is a matter of concern for domestic enterprises how to overtake in corners in this future trend. The robot is a very real child. Its performance is good and bad, and its technical level is really hard work that requires practitioners to study hard. After all, the real person is next to each other, and no one will buy it if you don’t do enough.

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Published on 09/07/2022