How to improve the level of robot manufacturing?Expert: Strengthen key core technology research

Recently, 15 departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “14th Five-Year Plan”.RobotIndustrial Development Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”). The “Planning” mentioned that by 2025, my country will become the source of global Robot technology innovation, high-end manufacturing agglomeration and integrationapplicationNew Heights.

In an interview with People’s Daily Online, a number of industry experts said that it is necessary to strengthen the key core technology research of robots, make up for the shortcomings of industrial development, strengthen the construction of the standard system, and improve the testing and certification capabilities. At the same time, it is necessary to enhance product supply, expand market applications, and optimize industrial ecology.

  How to improve the level of Robot manufacturing?

“The “Planning” sets out a roadmap for the development of China’s robotics industry, and provides clear and authoritative planning and guidance for enterprises, universities and institutions in various tracks of intelligent manufacturing,” said Zhou Guyue, associate professor at Tsinghua University’s Institute of Intelligent Industry. The four column actions in the “Planning” include technologies, products, and application scenarios in all directions of the robotics and intelligent manufacturing industries, covering all current core areas.

The “Planning” mentioned that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, a batch of robot core technologies and high-end products will be promoted to make breakthroughs, the comprehensive indicators of the whole machine will reach the international advanced level, and the performance and reliability of key components will reach the international level of similar products; The average annual growth rate of operating income exceeds 20%. So, how to achieve these goals?

In this regard, Wang Hong, deputy director of the First Division of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, suggested that it is necessary to strengthen the key core technology research of robots, make up for shortcomings such as special materials, core components, and processing technology; to meet the needs of key industries and gather advantageous resources , promote the research and development of high-end robot products, expand the series and types of robot products, improve performance, quality and safety; implement the “robot +” application action, organize the precise connection between production and demand, and promote the development of typical application scenarios of robots.

Zhou Guyue said that by establishing and improving the innovation system, we should give full play to the role of universities, key laboratories of robotics, engineering (technology) research centers, innovation centers and other R&D institutions, strengthen research on cutting-edge and common technologies, and accelerate the transformation of results. Support enterprises to strengthen the construction of technology centers and develop key technologies and applied technologies.

In addition, collaborative innovation and technological convergence should be supported. Zhou Guyue emphasized that it is necessary to encourage key enterprises to jointly carry out collaborative research and development of robots, promote the standardization and modularization of software and hardware systems, improve the efficiency of new product research and development, and promote the integration and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, and cloud computing.

“The improvement of the level of robot manufacturing will not be achieved overnight. Everyone in the industry needs to work together according to the development goals and mission requirements to do a good job.” Zhou Guyue said.

  How to break through the main problems faced by the robot industry?

“The overall scale of my country’s robot industry has grown rapidly, and the operating income in 2020 will exceed 100 billion yuan for the first time.Industrial robotIt has been widely used in 143 industries in 52 major categories of the national economy. However, compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, there are still problems such as insufficient technology accumulation, weak industrial foundation, and lack of high-end supply. “Introduced by Wang Weiming, Director of the First Division of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Zhou Guyue further explained that compared with the world’s advanced level, my country’s robot industry lacks original research, theoretical research, and forward design capabilities; the quality stability and reliability of key components cannot meet the needs of high-performance complete machines; high-speed , high-precision, heavy-duty and other high-performance complete machine products are in short supply.

“To solve these problems, we must break through common technologies such as robot system development and operating system, and develop cutting-edge technologies such as bionic perception and cognition, and biomechanical fusion. In controllers, sensors, actuators, servos,reducer, integrated joints and other core parts and components products have surpassed. ” Zhou Guyue said.

At present, in most high-end application scenarios, imported brands of robots are basically in a monopoly position, and most domestic brands compete fiercely in low-end and low-end value-added application scenarios, resulting in low profit margins of domestic robot manufacturers, and often in the bidding process. in a disadvantaged and passive position. Zhou Guyue said that the measures to create a good market environment mentioned in the “Specification” will help domestic brands to break through the mid-to-high-end market, and at the same time can effectively regulate the mutual consumption caused by excessive competition among domestic brands.

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Published on 10/19/2022