How to register with real name for drone “real-name system”?

OFweekRobotAccording to a report by the Yangcheng Evening News yesterday, from June 1, my country will officially implement real-name registration for civilian drones with a mass of more than 250 grams. Zhang Ruiqing, deputy director of the Air Traffic Control Office of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that the Civil Aviation Administration has initially completed the development of the civil drone registration system, which will be launched on May 18. At the same time, the civil aviation department is actively establishing a real-name registration data sharing and query system for UAVs to achieve real-time cross-linking with the UAV operation cloud platform.
Drone “flying” incidents have occurred continuously in recent years. From mid-January to mid-February this year alone, there were 12 incidents of illegal operation of drones threatening civil aviation safety, 7 of which caused flight adjustments, avoidance, alternate landings, and delays. It can be said that the threat of drones has reached the point where it is necessary to rectify it with heavy blows.
The civil aviation department has released a “big move” this time, in which the announcement that drones require real-name registration has attracted widespread attention. This is because the “real-name system” is considered to be an effective means of controlling drones flying indiscriminately. This is true in theory. Once the real-name registration of the drone is carried out, it will not only form a constraint on the owner, but also facilitate the supervision of relevant parties. According to relevant information, in 2015, the United States began to register real-name drones.
Although my country has accumulated rich experience in the management of the real-name system, such as train tickets and mobile phone numbers, the real-name system has already been implemented. However, it is not known how the real-name registration of the drones will take place. At present it seems to be only a verbal announcement, and the corresponding rules have not been made public.
The author believes that this rule should include many aspects –
First, all parties concerned should register with their real names. Literally, the “real-name system” will register the real-name of the drone and the owner at the same time, so that the human and the machine can be matched. But this kind of real-name registration seems a bit simple. The author believes that, in addition, the real-name registration of UAV producers, sellers, regulators and other information should be done. Because the production, sales and use of drones are currently confusing, for example, e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong are selling drones. Real-name registration of producers can ensure the quality of drones; real-name registration of sellers can promote sales standards; real-name registration of supervisors allows supervisors to fulfill their responsibilities.
Second, there should be multiple paths and procedures for real-name registration. The practice abroad is that the owner sends his own information and the model of the drone to the online system of the aviation management department to complete the real-name registration. my country’s civil drone registration system is running online, and it is probably self-registration. This is actually a real-name registration in the use link, and it should also be registered in the production and sales links to achieve full-chain management. Moreover, the real-name registration process cannot be overly simplistic or mere formality. There should be an audit or verification procedure in the procedure to ensure that the registered information is authentic and credible. Otherwise, it cannot be ruled out that some owners provide false information and then continue to fly around.
Third, there must be corresponding disciplinary measures. On the one hand, there should be penalties for aircraft owners who provide false registration information; on the other hand, there should be corresponding penalties for aircraft owners who do not register with their real names but fly around. At present, domestic violations of drones are mainly punished according to the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law”, which seems to be insufficient. The United States has issued a $200,000 fine for illegal flying of drones.
In addition, it is also necessary to clarify whether the owner of the real-name registration should hold a drone driver’s license. According to data, the current scale of drones in my country exceeds 20,000, but only 10,000 people in the country have obtained a drone driver’s license. Half of the drones were in black flight. It is said that the pilot has a drone driver’s license to fly in accordance with the rules.
According to a report, by 2025, the total size of my country’s drone market will reach 75 billion yuan. In this rapidly growing market, regulation must not lag. In addition to real-name registration, I am afraid that technical and legal governance need to be strengthened.

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Published on 09/18/2022