In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?

Time flies, and 2021 will come to an end.

Looking back at this year at this moment, probably everyone has left a lot of keywords in this year, all kinds.

But there is a word that sweeps all walks of life and makes almost everyone involved, that is involution.

Today, let’s talk about involution.

cooperationRobotThe involution of the industry is not accidental. At present, with the continuous deepening of technical barriers, it is extremely difficult to technological progress, and the difficulty of innovation under continuous development has increased sharply. It is often difficult to find a new way of life to open up a new development track and find a new way of survival. among. As a result, practitioners often choose to turn around and turn to the original track, conducting fierce price competition with their peers and ignoring technological progress. This kind of practice that makes the industry continue to shrink and lose its future development is not right, but it is also helpless.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?1. Involution and vicious competition are rampant

As we all know,RobotKnown as “the pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown”, on the one hand, it is a lofty evaluation of this field for improving human productivity, on the other hand, it also highlights the high technical difficulty in the industry.And as a Robot inindustryautomationThe collaborative Robot with the latest development direction in the field, it perfectly combines human intelligence and the high efficiency of robots, making production more flexible. Favored, the scale of industry development has maintained a trend of continuous growth over the years.

However, there are also hidden worries under the grand occasion. Since its birth, the core technology and development direction of collaborative robots have been firmly in the hands of some giants for a long time. Although the alarm bell of “stuck neck” in the core technology of semiconductors is still in the ears, even if there is a will to make breakthroughs , but the climbing of technical barriers is easier said than done, and the market has entered an unprecedented “involution” battle.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?

According to authoritative statistics, in just a few years from 2016 to 2020, the number of global collaborative robot manufacturers has increased from about 30 to more than 110 in 2020, of which more than 75 are in the Chinese market, and they are still growing. .Behind the grand occasion is that many companies lack the accumulation of core technologies and cannot take the “quality” development route. They can only turn to the vicious competition of “price war” to try to find a way in “quantity”, which can be described as smoke everywhere.

However, this is undoubtedly fatal for an industry that aims to provide advanced solutions for the manufacturing industry as its core competitiveness. The direct consequence is that the development space of major manufacturers is constantly being squeezed under the price war, and product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious. , the R&D level of the whole industry chain cannot be developed, and it is impossible to provide customers with better products and services, and the overall level of the industry is stagnant.

Under such a crisis, do you choose to join this price war that has no end and no future, or do you refuse to lie down, overcome obstacles, and start a new era? How to answer the major proposition of the breakthrough development of collaborative robots?

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?2,Break the game and open a new era

Following the footsteps of the times, the answer clues that can be obtained is to use artificial intelligence technology to help take off the wings, open thesmart robotNew well knownIndustry 4.0In a word, we will usher in an era of using information technology to promote industrial transformation and an era of intelligent leadership.

In the new era, we increasingly expect robots to be closer to us in more ways than traditionalIndustrial robotBeing “locked in a cage” like that, we hope that robots can truly become our good friends, good partners, and communicate intimately with them. Only in this way can we fulfill the expectation of “1+1>2” human-robot collaboration.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?At the same time, standing on a higher level, the current development of artificial intelligence technology is in full swing. If the development of robot manufacturers can use the power of new technologies to realize the uniqueness and differentiation of products, they will also achieve technological breakthroughs on this newly opened track. , to achieve “curve overtaking”.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?Immediately afterward, new problems arose, who can take on this responsibility?

Looking back, in 2016, the industrial standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization for collaborative robots clarified the design details and system safety technical specifications of collaborative robots. All collaborative robot products must pass this standard certification before they can be sold on the market. As a result, collaborative robots are on the right track on the road to standardized production, opening the first year of collaborative robots.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?In the blink of an eye, in 2021, industry leaders represented by Han’s Robot will turn the great goal of the era of intelligent robots into reality with the power of struggle, ushering in the first year of intelligent collaborative robots and leading the collaborative robot industry into intelligent collaborative robots. new era. The launched multi-sensing intelligent assistant, MAiRA, shocked four people once it was launched, and won various awards at home and abroad for many times.In terms of technical strength, it brings together the latestsensorperfect integration of unprecedented artificial intelligence in control and systems and applications, and also equipped with magical “ears”: through voice commands and dialogue, you can communicate with robots, thereby increasing productivity, and automatically storing sounds Memories can be recalled at any time.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?In addition, the intelligent technology of Han’s Robot also fully demonstrates the humanistic care of science and technology. It is equipped with the human body detection sensing technology and intelligent sensors independently developed by Han’s Robot, which can see, hear and perceive the external environment, and has the ability to “prejudge” The function of “collision behavior occurs” can effectively avoid the occurrence of injury. In this way, Han’s Robot has opened up a new track to solve the dilemma in the industry, creating a precedent in the industry, allowing itself to win development opportunities, and at the same time giving its own plan for the healthy competition in the industry.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?3.Outlook · Future development is expected

The introduction of national-level policies also supports the bright future of intelligent robots. On December 28, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” Robot Industry Development Plan and pointed out that the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation will accelerate the evolution, and the development of high-end and intelligent robots should be To meet the needs of industrial transformation and consumption upgrades, support the coordinated promotion of the integration and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, and cloud computing, and improve the level of robot intelligence and networking.

In 2021, the cobot industry is rolling, laying flat or creating a new era?2021 is the first year of the world’s intelligent collaborative robots. Facing the situation of involution in the industry, Han’s Robot took the lead in firing the first shot into intelligence and became the pioneer of the era of intelligent collaborative robots. In 2022, with the support of the policy, the whole industry will overcome all difficulties with the original intention, seize the major policy opportunities, and will usher in another outbreak!

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Published on 09/19/2022