In the future, in addition to others, there are robots that will compete with children

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: In an era when more and more jobs are being replaced by computers and computer-controlled machines, pure knowledge becomes less important, and creative thinking, keen sensibility, empathy and vision can make children more competitive. powerful person.

Speaking of competition, what is real competitiveness? When we talk about topics related to education, we usually hear the most anxious voices about children’s future career choices. When we emphasize that aesthetic education should go ahead of all kinds of education, as the forerunner of intellectual education, moral education, and physical education, everyone is generally confused or disapproved. In today’s brutally competitive society, what is the significance of aesthetic education?

In the past, the meaning of human existence was due to the needs of human beings themselves, requiring a large number of people to work together to engage in production, war, construction, etc. But with the advancement of computer technology, most people will be gradually replaced by computers. Humanity as a whole still has value, but computers and computer-controlled machines do far better and make fewer mistakes than humans. Think about how many drivers can autonomous driving replace? Think about how many clerks can automated retrieval replace? …

For future career choices, you should look farther. We might as well look back first, have our environment and career choices changed a lot in the past decade or two? Think back to when you were studying, the knowledge and subjects you learned, and your career choices for the future. Is the situation the same as it is today? In these short 20 to 30 years, people’s occupation concept and social division of labor have undergone qualitative changes. The iron and golden rice bowls that were considered irreplaceable in the past have become dispensable today, and may even be replaced soon. In the future digital age, such substitution speed will become faster. Someone once summed up the changes in the next ten or twenty years, and the only constant is “rapid change”. In this way, everyone’s anxiety will become more serious, what should we do? We see career choices in the future. Many simple repetitive labor industries and purely service industries will be replaced by sophisticated machines or computer programs, such as banking, retail and manufacturing.In the future, in addition to people, you will compete with your children.Robot.

Many experts are predicting what kinds of occupations are not easily replaced by robots. These predictions have very scientific basis, but when all children choose these limited kinds of occupations, what kind of situation will your child face? In addition to the predicted occupations, are there many emerging occupations that have been created, and are your children ready? Learning to calmly deal with every situation and make every choice in the future requires creative and flexible thinking, and today’s school education has not substantially helped children develop such creative thinking.

Aesthetic education provides the possibility for this change. Aesthetic education aims to open up the sense of beauty, whether it is music, painting, literature, drama, mathematical logic, or food architecture, etc., if you have a sense of beauty, you will like it, you will be interested, you will spontaneously explore, and you will have desire. To pursue beauty, with this desire, there is the motivation to create. The so-called creativity naturally presents a person’s aesthetic accumulation and flexibility.

Children with aesthetic ability and flexibility will become more sensitive, their horizons will become broader, they will have more empathy, a broad and inclusive mind, and more curiosity and the ability to explore things. To borrow the words of Mr. Jiang Xun, an aesthetician in Taiwan, that is: “Beauty is invisible…competitiveness.”

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Published on 08/28/2022