How to Spray and Weld with Industrial Robot

                                                               Application of spray paint

Painting is a key step in product manufacturing, which is related to the quality and appearance of the product, and is also an important component of product value. The environment where painting is carried out is usually harsh, and the volatiles and dust in the paint will seriously affect the health of workers. 

At the same time, manual painting is not satisfactory in terms of painting quality and efficiency. Therefore, it is bound to be applied to painting robots. The paint spraying robot is an industrial robot that can automatically spray paint or spray other paints. It even sprays accurately according to the trajectory, without any deviation, and perfectly control the starting of the spray gun.

robot arm part
                                                                   Welding applications

Welding refers to the manufacturing process of combining metals or other materials by heating or pressing, and is the main production method in the industry. The environment of the welding place is very harsh. When working, the strong arc light, high temperature, smoke and electromagnetic interference will be generated and other harmful factors to the human body. Altthough industrial robots can work in harsh environment, we have to protect them from high temperature. Thus cooling fan is important to them, like installing ABB Robot 3HAC029105-002 Fan.

It will even cause serious burns, electric shocks, eye damage, inhalation of toxic gases, and excessive ultraviolet radiation. harm. In this case, the use of welding robots can not only improve the working environment and avoid personal injury, but also achieve continuous work, improve work efficiency and improve welding quality. Therefore, the welding field is more suitable for the application of industrial robots, and in fact, it is also a field where industrial robots are widely used.

Industrial robots have been widely used in automobiles, machining, electronic appliances, rubber and plastics and other industrial fields, and can replace people in dangerous, toxic, harmful, low temperature and high temperature and other harsh environments.

Published on 08/13/2022