“Intelligence +” brings new changes

The Industrial Internet is the basic support tool for the “intelligence +” of traditional industries. “Intelligence +” takes over “Internet +”, not only because my country’s manufacturing industry is in a critical period of growing from large to strong, but also because intelligent technology has been nurtured and developed for many years, especially my country’s artificial intelligence, large Some world-leading technological achievements have emerged in the fields of data and other fields, and they have the ability to compete with developed countries on the same stage.

This year’s “Government Work Report” proposed “intelligence +” for the first time, and emphasized the role of “intelligence +” in upgrading the industry, especially the manufacturing industry. From “Internet +” to “Intelligence +”, the in-depth migration and upgrading of new Internet technologies from the consumer end to the industrial end has attracted more and more attention from the society.

“Intelligence +” brings new changes

In recent years, new Internet technologies have been integrated into all walks of life, greatly changing people’s production and lifestyles, reshaping business models, and forming many emerging business formats. They have achieved great success on the consumer side and have profoundly affected the industry side. If “Internet +” is more focused on realizing interconnection first, “Intelligence +” is to deeply empower various industries through intelligent technology in the new era of Internet of Everything. It is a new stage of digital technology development and upgrading, and it is necessary to The successful application of a generation of information technology on the consumer side has further migrated to the industrial side, reshaping the industrial structure and production model, stimulating a revolution in efficiency, and creating new momentum for the upgrading of traditional industries and economic development.

The focus area of ​​”Smart+” is manufacturing. Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy, the main battlefield of technological innovation, and an important area of ​​supply-side structural reform. The manufacturing industry needs “intelligence +”, which deeply integrates digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., improves technical equipment, improves production efficiency, optimizes manufacturing mode, and reconstructs the whole process of research, production and sales. Promote intelligent manufacturing, release new power, improve the quality level and service capabilities of the manufacturing industry, and reverse the current situation in which my country’s manufacturing industry is large but not strong. “Intelligence +” also needs the big stage of manufacturing. The demand in the manufacturing field can provide a huge market for the new generation of information technology industry related to “Intelligence +”, and force the progress of intelligent technology from the demand side, and integrate with the industry. Find new breakthrough points in the process of development, and promote the vigorous development and growth of the intelligent industry itself.

The Industrial Internet is the basic support tool for the “intelligence +” of traditional industries. For traditional industries, the Industrial Internet can not only improve efficiency and quality in the production field through information technology, but also further promote the allocation of re

Published on 10/31/2022