Internet of Everything: Summer Davos Forum Shows New Vision of 5G Smart Life

Internet of Everything: Summer Davos Forum Shows New Vision of 5G Smart Life
On July 1, at the Dalian International Conference Center, participants experienced the 5G smart sandbox.

It seems to be just an ordinary sand table imitating the landform, but the fine sand is piled up with a shovel. The reporter puts on the VR glasses, and a high mountain immediately rises in front of him. The top of the mountain is even covered with snow; The mountain in front of the reporter was instantly razed to the ground…

This magical scene is not a scene from a sci-fi movie. At the 2019 summer Davos forum venue, this 5G smart sandbox attracted the attention of a large number of attendees.

With the advent of the 5G era, the way people live, work and travel will be redefined, and this is the focus of the 2019 Summer Davos Forum.

From surgical robots to security smart glasses, at the 2019 Summer Davos Forum, a large number of technology products based on 5G technology made a stunning appearance.

“This 5G smart sandbox, combined with the characteristics of 5G’s large bandwidth and low latency, can see the changes of terrain on the screen in real time through VR glasses, and can be widely used in teaching and geological exploration in the future.” A staff member introduced.

On June 6 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G licenses to four companies. With the issuance of 5G licenses, 5G network construction will be fully rolled out, which will drive the accelerated launch and mass production of 5G mobile phones and other terminal products, and create a huge open market space for global communication companies.

In the opinion of Zhou Bowen, vice president of AI research at, fast is only a feature of 5G. 5G can also greatly enhance the ability of device interconnection, turn a single interconnection into an overall interconnection, and realize the “interconnection of all things”, resulting in completely different benefit. In addition, 5G will enable more applications in medical care, making remote precision surgery possible.

Can you imagine that the surgeon performing the operation is a Robot? At the Davos Forum in Summer 2019, a set of intelligent surgical robots attracted attention.

Internet of Everything: Summer Davos Forum Shows New Vision of 5G Smart Life
On July 1, at the Dalian International Conference Center, the participants used surgical robots to experience surgical simulation operations.

“The core advantage of this system is that it can show the surgeon a 3D high-definition magnification ten times the surgical scene, making the operation more delicate. This surgical machine has seven degrees of freedom and flexible operation, and can reproduce any tiny detail of the surgeon. Moreover, the diameter of its scalpel is only 8 mm. The operation can be completed by punching a few 8 mm holes on the patient. The patient has little trauma and can recover faster. Relying on the low-latency characteristics of 5G technology, the surgeon’s surgery The movements and the movements of the robotic arm can be completely synchronized,” said Xu Bin, director of clinical applications at Intuitive Fosun Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.

The reporter learned that the forum venue and surrounding areas also achieved full coverage of 5G signals for the first time. Delegates can not only enjoy the convenience brought by 5G services, but also experience wonderful applications such as panoramic VR and 5G+4K ultra-high-definition TV supported by 5G at close range.

From the interconnection of everyone to the interconnection of all things, from life to production, from the physical world to the digital world, in the 5G era, with the realization of applications such as the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles, and the Industrial Internet, industry, logistics, transportation, energy and other industries have become It means unprecedented new opportunities, driving all kinds of enterprises to achieve digital transformation.

“5G will be the largest consumer technology ever,” said Si Han, president of GSMA Greater China. “As a hot topic today, 5G seems to be on the doorstep, but I think 5G is still in its early days. , and 3G and 4G will coexist for a long time.”

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Published on 09/17/2022