Inventory of the world’s top agricultural robots

Imagine that the vegetables, fruits and other crops you eat every day have never been touched by humans before they reach the vegetable market or supermarket near your home! “This is what scientists expect from the future of farm planting – a series of farm activities from turning soil to harvesting to transplanting and mowing, all byRobotreplace. It’s still not quite there, but some robots might surprise you.

1. Favorite feeling: Shepherd Robot
Inventory of the world’s top agricultural robots
Australian scientists have created a Robot that functions like a shepherd dog and can drive cattle on farms instead of humans or herding dogs. It uses 2D and 3D sensors, has a built-in global positioning system, and can steer the herd based on how fast they are moving. The herd of cows was driven by the Robot to go around in circles, which was quite joyful. At the moment, the robot is still in the testing phase and works well, but it sells for $1 million.
2. Most Loyal: Grape Plantation Robots
Inventory of the world’s top agricultural robots
A French inventor created a robot dedicated to grape plantations and named it “Wall-Ye” (remember the robot named “Wall-Ye”?). It does almost all of the work of a plantation worker: trimming vines, cutting off shoots, monitoring soil and vine health. In addition, Watt also has one more function than the existing plantation robots, that is, a safety system. Wah can only work on the plantations set by the program, and can activate the self-destruction program in dangerous situations. Only work within a set range, and would rather start a self-destruction program than “rebel” in a dangerous situation, quite like the protagonist of a sci-fi movie, Wall-E, who can be regarded as the most loyal robot.

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Published on 09/18/2022