Japanese female robot, the internal structure is too real!

In various Hollywood blockbusters, we often seeRobotThe figure, those robots can fly over the eaves and walls, have special functions, and have a beautiful love story with human beings. Think with your toes and know that the movies are all fake, so what kind of robots have developed in our real life? Many people may not know that, in fact, the IQ of robots has surpassed that of us humans. Take Go, one of the most complex games for human beings, for example, the AlphaGo developed by Google defeated the world’s top players Ke Jie and Li Shishi in Go, and it is Complete victory.

Japanese female robot, the internal structure is too real!

Jack Ma once said that half of the jobs will be replaced by robots in the future.industryfreed from it. In fact, there are already many places using robots. For example, Jack Ma opened an unmanned hotel in Hangzhou, which uses robots to deliver meals. Some banks use robots to provide services to customers, not only chatting and talking, but also handling business for customers. In the foreseeable future, robots will appear in large numbers in our lives, in addition to taking away our jobs, they may also take away our boyfriends (girlfriends).

Japanese female robot, the internal structure is too real!

In fact, a few years ago, Japanese scientists began to develop robots, and also aimed at another field, that is, Robot companions. It is true that it is not easy to find a satisfactory partner now. It not only requires financial support, but also requires a lot of energy and time. Robotic partners are indeed a good choice. A female Robot was put on the shelves in Japan before. Although it was expensive, it was quickly sold out. It can be seen that robot companions are very popular in the market. So, what are the advantages of robots compared to us humans?

Japanese female robot, the internal structure is too real!

Appearance can be freely customized

The biggest advantage of the robot companion is that the appearance can be freely customized according to the user’s needs. Skin color, hairstyle, height and posture, personality characteristics, etc. can be customized, just like Nuwa created a human, users can customize a partner image they like.

The appearance can be customized, in other words, it can be customized according to the image in your mind, or even customized according to the appearance of various stars, the appearance of your ex, it can be regarded as a kind of sustenance for yourself.

true internal structure

Robots are emotionless, so they can obey us. Of course, a piece of iron has no meaning for us to listen to what we say, and many people may not notice it. Due to the development of technology, robots are now very similar to us humans.

Now the robot uses a silicone material that imitates human skin, which is very elastic, and has a heating system inside, which can imitate human body temperature. More importantly, the interior of the robot is composed of hundreds of parts and components. The internal structure is very real and very precise, and it can perform actions that we humans cannot do.

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Published on 10/09/2022