Jiashun Intelligent’s sales in 2016 exceeded 100 million yuan, and sales led many AGV brands

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: After more than ten years of development, Jiashun intelligent AGV handlingRobotIt has been used in thousands of production plants in many domestic and foreign industries such as automobiles, electronics, and home appliances, and its market share leads the country. The demand for AGV has become popular, and the road of Jiashun Intelligence is getting wider and wider.

Jiashun Intelligent’s sales in 2016 exceeded 100 million yuan, and sales led many AGV brands

At present, there are more than hundreds of thousands of AGV trolleys running in major warehouses and factory production workshops in the world.With my country’s production, warehousing, transportation, etc.automationThe degree of continuous improvement, “unmanned chemical factory”, “unmanned warehouse”, “unmanned port”, etc. are being realized step by step, domestic processing and manufacturing enterprises applying AGV have gradually become popular, and the market demand has also increased rapidly.

It is understood that since 2014, the domestic AGV market demand has begun to increase exponentially. Relevant statistics estimate that in 2015, the number of domestic AGV robots increased by 4,280 units, a year-on-year increase of 34% compared with 2014. The AGV market size in 2015 is about 500 million yuan RMB, an increase of 20% over 2014. Jiashun Intelligent’s AGV sales in 2016 exceeded 100 million yuan (only the sales of AGV cars), making it a leader in China’s AGV industry.

Jiashun Intelligent’s sales in 2016 exceeded 100 million yuan, and sales led many AGV brands

In the selection of the most valuable enterprises on China’s New Third Board in May 2016, Jiashun Smart stood out and became the most valuable enterprise on the Shenzhen New Third Board. In March 2017, Jiashun Smart (stock code: 834863) with its excellent AGV products, With the corporate philosophy of innovation as the soul, it won the title of Shenzhen Top 100 Small, Medium and Micro Innovation Enterprises in one fell swoop. In April of the same year, it successfully passed the review of the expert group and successfully obtained the certificate of “Quality Management System Certification of Weapons and Equipment”. A “pass” to enter the military market.
According to statistics from the Advanced Robotics Industry Research Institute (GRII), Jiashun Intelligent’s AGVs account for nearly 90% of the domestic automotive seat manufacturing market share. In addition, in automobiles, home appliances,mechanicalJiashun Intelligent AGV products are also widely used in processing, electronics, chemical, food and other industries.

It is worth mentioning that Jiashun Smart’s AGV products also play an irreplaceable role in its smart warehousing projects.The person in charge of Jiashun Intelligent Warehousing and Logistics Department said that the warehousing AGV Robot is the first step in Jiashun’s intelligent warehousing project, and the warehousing AGV Robot is the same as other logisticsautomation equipmentCombined to form a complete logistics automation system.

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Published on 08/27/2022