Jizhijia and Wistron Capital reached a strategic cooperation to lead the flexible “intelligent” manufacturing upgrade of the whole process of the electronics manufacturing industry

Geek+, the global leader in AMR, announced a strategic cooperation with Wistron, one of the world’s largest ODM professional foundry companies.This project is the largest single investment signed by Wistron Group and AMR companies so far, and it is also theIndustry 4.0A key step in the pace.

Based on cooperation, Jizhijia has deployedRobotIn the cluster, a full-process, highly flexible, cross-floor overall solution has been built in Wistron’s Zhongshan No. 6 Plant. For the first time in the electronics manufacturing industry, it has successfully achieved full-scene linkage and full-link information exchange from the third warehouse to the line side, providing global The future of“smart” manufacturing opens up new ideas and sets new benchmarks.

Wistron Capital focuses on the professional design and manufacture of electronic computers, digital TVs, flat panel displays and other products. Its customers include the world’s top ten leading information brands, and it leads the development of the electronics manufacturing industry with cutting-edge technology and strong technological innovation.

The No. 6 plant of Wistron Capital in Zhongshan, where the project is located, spans three floors, and the complex logistics scenarios in the warehouse are mixed, covering the whole process of receiving, storage, picking, and handling. In addition, the problems of fine electronic materials, many varieties, and frequent line changes of production lines lead to large manual workload, low efficiency and difficult management.

In order to meet the continuous improvement of production capacity demand, Wistron Capital decided to introduce a full-process, highly flexible overall solution to achieve lean management and drive the sustainable and rapid development of the business.

Based on factors such as program professionalism, landing experience and comprehensive strength, Wistron Capital decided to join hands with Jizhijia for intelligent upgrade. In order to meet the needs of different scenarios, the two parties will jointly create a flexible solution for the whole process and across floors in the form of Robot clusters, leading electronic “intelligent” manufacturing to realize the overall linkage of multiple scenarios from the third warehouse to the line side.

Jizhijia MP1000R handling Robot is responsible for receiving the goods at the dock and PCBA production line, feeding materials across the elevator to the side warehouse of the assembly line, and feeding back and forth to the side of the production line; P800R goods-to-person robot is used for semi-finished products of the PCBA production line to go offline , intelligent warehousing and picking before production line transfer; RS5 container robot solves the intelligent storage of SMT coil silo and the need for picking by work order in and out of the warehouse.

With the industry-leading AI algorithm, Jizhijia realizes the seamless connection of the robot clusters in the warehouse across floors and the scheduling of the whole factory, which greatly improves the operation efficiency. AI algorithms empower the whole process of smart logistics business, from robot ontology intelligence to multi-robot group collaboration, and warehouse operations, providing strong support for the improvement of smart factory efficiency.

In addition, by opening up the Jizhijia AMR system and the Wistron management system, the information flow and logistics are highly unified, and the material information in the whole process is transparent, which is convenient for employees to grasp the dynamics of the warehouse area in real time, and improves the management efficiency of the whole warehouse.

Lin Shuming, deputy general manager of Wistron’s South China Plant, said: “The development of digital intelligence in electronic manufacturing is a trend. Wistron uses smart logistics as a driving force to lead the factory to make a leap from ‘manufacturing’ to ‘intelligent’ manufacturing. This time with Jizhijia The strategic cooperation is of great significance, and we believe that the cooperation between the two parties will stimulate more market vitality and bring more efficient, more convenient and smarter services to our customers!”

Yang Junzhe, Vice President of Jizhijia China, said: “We are very honored to join hands with Wistron, a leader in the global electronics manufacturing field, to make breakthroughs and innovations. The future of global electronic ‘smart’ manufacturing will inject new momentum. We believe that the close cooperation between the two parties will further help more enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of smart logistics.”

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Published on 09/18/2022