Join hands with Decathlon – China’s first retail RFID inventory robot “officially joined”

“Hello everyone, I’m Dibao, I work in Pudong, Shanghai!”

The tall and straight “stature”, the handsome “face”, the white and blue formal clothes are “capable”, and the work equipment is more “professional”-November 6, Shanghai Decathlon’s new employee “Dibao” Ushered in his own “entry” ceremony, which also means the official launch of China’s first RFID inventory Robot in the retail industry.

With the grand opening of the 2nd China International Import Expo, Shanghai, “backed by the Yangtze River, facing the Pacific Ocean, has long been the leader of China’s opening up”, has once again received distinguished guests. As the world’s largest comprehensive sporting goods retail group, Decathlon of France appeared in the service trade exhibition area of ​​the China International Import Expo, focusing on displaying innovative solutions in sports popularization and new retail. Among them, the first domestic RFID inventory artificial intelligence jointly built by SIASUN and Decathlon Robots are undoubtedly the biggest bright spot.

Join hands with Decathlon – China’s first retail RFID inventory robot “officially joined”

For a long time, physical shopping malls have been plagued by problems such as a wide variety of product types and large quantities, and frequent shelf adjustments. Inventory inventory has become a time-consuming and labor-intensive “big problem”. As an industry-leading provider of all-intelligent products and services, SIASUN gives full play to its own technological innovation advantages and combines Decathlon’s professional advantages in the global retail industry to jointly develop a brand-new intelligent Robot. Previously, the service robots independently developed by SIASUN have been put into use in many fields such as restaurants, banks, government halls, etc., and have been exported overseas in batches. In this cooperation, SIASUN fully integrated its own industry experience to tackle key problems in response to Decathlon’s professional and meticulous product demands, and successfully built the intelligent Robot “Dibao”.

Join hands with Decathlon – China’s first retail RFID inventory robot “officially joined”
Zhang Jin, vice president and director of strategy and marketing of SIASUN, and Dong Zhuang, general manager of service robot division, were invited to participate in the “Dibao” robot on-site conference, and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with the Decathlon leadership team (picture) The leaders of both parties took a group photo
Join hands with Decathlon – China’s first retail RFID inventory robot “officially joined”
Group photo of leaders of both sides

In Decathlon shopping malls, “Dibao” can replace the staff with RFID technology and artificial intelligence technology to realize automatic inventory of all categories of products without lights and without lights, while supporting autonomous navigation, customer self-service navigation, real-time update of electronic maps, service instructions and self-service Unattended checkout and other functions. “Dibao” has achieved four “China firsts”, namely: China’s first retail RFID inventory robot, China’s first commercialized RFID technology unmanned, lightless, fully automated inventory digital test case, and China’s first simultaneous application in the retail industry Autonomous navigation and map scanning update technology, China’s first use of fusion depth vision sensors and dual-laser 360-degree laser navigation and obstacle avoidance technology in the retail industry.

Join hands with Decathlon – China’s first retail RFID inventory robot “officially joined”
The audience interacted closely with “Dibao”

“The biggest change that robots bring to Huamu Store is the improvement of efficiency. Before, we needed 12 employees to carry out a large-scale transaction, which took 100 hours. Now two robots only need one hour to complete the inventory of the entire store.” As Dean Zhang, head of operations at Decathlon Huamu Store, said, intelligent robots are bringing a new efficiency upgrade to the retail industry.

It is understood that by the end of this year, more than 20 Decathlon physical stores in Shanghai will put RFID inventory robots into use, and will be extended to Decathlon physical stores nationwide in 2020. Facing the important opportunity for international enterprises represented by Decathlon to carry out technology incubation based on the Chinese market, SIASUN will continue to accelerate the pace of technological innovation and empower global partners to develop by leaps and bounds with technological wisdom.

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Published on 09/20/2022