Kawasaki robot assists coal machine welding scale automation

The mechanization of coal mining can not only improve the efficiency of coal mining, but also help reduce the incidence of coal accidents. With the continuous improvement of the development level of my country’s machinery industry, the degree of mechanization of coal mining in my country is getting higher and higher. According to statistics from the China Coal Industry Association, the degree of mechanization of coal mining in large coal enterprises in my country has increased from 32.34% in 1978 to 98.9% in 2020, which has led to a substantial increase in coal mining machinery and equipment. By 2020, the cumulative operating income of my country’s top 50 coal machinery enterprises will be 89.956 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.72%.

Shandong Mining Machinery Huaneng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as: Shandong Mining Machinery) is a representative enterprise in the coal mining machinery industry chain. The company mainly produces complete sets of fully mechanized mining equipment and accessories for coal machinery. The products cover hydraulic supports, scraper conveyors, loader, crusher, belt conveyor Among them, the Robot welding equipment independently developed by the Automation Division of Shandong Mining Machinery has been applied in batches to the multi-layer and multi-pass welding of large box-shaped structural parts such as hydraulic supports and scraper conveyors.

It is known that,In the mechanical welding of coal mines, due to the challenges of complex equipment structure, complex welding process, multi-variety and small batches, etc., the automation effect of coal-machine welding with the help of traditional robots is not ideal, and the takt efficiency has not been significantly improved.

Under this problem, Shandong Mining Machinery Group and Kawasaki Robotics have carried out in-depth cooperation.Realized automatic welding of more than 30 types of hydraulic supports for coal machinescompleted the automatic welding of push rod, connecting rod, top beam, base and middle groove.

Through the cooperation with Kawasaki Robot, Shandong Mining Machinery Group has realized the automatic production of robots in the hydraulic support and the independent development of the system. A large number of welding robots are equipped in the welding workshop to complete the production of hydraulic support components.At the same time, the offline programming software based on Kawasaki robots can easily cope with the welding challenges of products with a large variety of models and a small batch in the welding process.

Kawasaki robot assists coal machine welding scale automation

Taking the use of Kawasaki robots in coal mine hydraulic support products as an example, the production process that the Robot can achieve:

·The Robot can weld the workpiece in horizontal position, vertical position and horizontal position.

·Weld and groove form: T-joint fillet weld, single and bilateral V-shaped groove, fillet weld.

·Foot size: 8-20mm (some of the welds have bevels), using multi-layer multi-pass welding process, each joint at the joint is staggered by 30mm, and the overall bottom welding is performed before filling each weld.

Welding method: MIG (Melting Inert Gas Shielded Welding)/MAG (Melting Electrode Active Gas Shielded Welding).

In the top beam welding equipment developed by Shandong Mining Machinery, 2 sets of Kawasaki arc welding robots and external walking ground rails, 1 set of head and tail positioners, 2 sets of all-digital inverter welding power sources, and 1 set of fume purification system have been successfully used. The top beam welds are mainly 12, 14, 16, 18mm multi-layer multi-pass fillet welds and groove welds, and the structure is a complex box structure;Through the introduction of Kawasaki 8-axis robot and 7-axis robot dual-machine external axis coordinated control for dual-machine coordinated control, symmetrical welding can be realized, and welding deformation caused by welding stress can be reduced; and the robot welding is formed at one time, and the welding seam is beautiful, without manual grinding.

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Published on 09/07/2022