Kuaicang Robot completed nearly 200 million yuan in Series B financing, led by Cainiao

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: News on March 24, Shanghai Kuicang Intelligent WarehousingRobotThe company announced the completion of the B round of financing, with Cainiao as the lead investor and Softbank as the investment, with a total capital of 125 million yuan, plus debt financing, this round of financing amounted to nearly 200 million yuan.

Kuicang previously completed 10 million yuan in angel round financing in August 2014; in October 2015, it completed 30 million yuan in Series A financing.

Yang Wei, CEO of Kuaicang, told Yiou that after this round of financing, the funds will be mainly used for the company’s development: 1. Enhance R&D capabilities, in terms of software and hardware; 2. Build production centers; 3. Expand business models (previously tried Generation operation, financial leasing and other models, the effect is good, will continue to explore).

Kuicang was established in March 2014, focusing on order fulfillment systems in warehouses. The company currently has a R&D team of more than 100 people, accounting for 80% of the total, mainly from Fuller, Suning, JD.com, and Wisdom.

According to Yang Wei, up to now, Kuaichang has sold more than 400 robots, and it has deployed hundreds of robots in the single warehouse of Vipshop. , Customers include third-party logistics companies, supply chain companies, express delivery companies, e-commerce, retailers, etc., with an hourly throughput of about 3,000 pieces.

Kuaicang Robot completed nearly 200 million yuan in Series B financing, led by Cainiao

Developed by Kuaicang TechnologyautomationThe order fulfillment system is based on the organic combination of automatic transportation robots, scheduling software, resource management software, etc., and has the ability to continuously learn and optimize performance. In practical application, it has the following characteristics: first, high flexibility and strong adaptability; second, low threshold for the system to start; third, strong independent decision-making ability.

According to Kuaicang data analysis, the labor efficiency of sorting personnel in traditional warehouses to process orders is about 150 orders per day. After using Kuaicang intelligent storage robots, the robots transport the shelves to the operator, avoiding the need for personnel in the shelf area. The internal picking time greatly improves the picking efficiency, and the order processing capacity can be increased to 350 orders/day. In addition, the Robot can run non-stop – 7*24 hours of continuous work, the workload of the Robot is equivalent to 3-4 times, and the error rate is only 0.5/10,000, which is far lower than traditional manual operations.

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Published on 09/01/2022