Let the chatbot understand your mood and decrypt the ambition of Zhujian Intelligence’s AI assistant

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: As the migration process of PC to mobile terminal gradually comes to an end, the dividend of mobile terminal APP is also getting thinner. The vigorous APP wave and O2O wave in the past two years have begun to decline. Now I go to the Internet circle to ask about it, and I get only one answer – the current APP is not easy to do.

People have started to think, after the mobile terminal, what is the next human-computer interaction platform? Some people once thought it was VR/AR, but virtual reality gradually became cold; some people once thought it was wearable, but now the market is bleak and the giants are speechless.

Jian Renxian, former vice president of Microsoft Asia Internet Engineering Institute and founder of Zhujian Intelligence, believes that it is BOT; (BOT generally refers to virtual AI assistants, a classic example is Siri, which belongs to voice BOT, virtual voice assistant) Further, it is able to understand The BOT of human emotions – this concept is so pervasive that it is even reflected in the English name of Zhujian Intelligence – EMOTIBOT.

The rise of BOT

What is a BOT?It is an AI assistant built on an information-based platform that can interact with humans, an AI assistant that serves youRobotBuddy. You don’t need to go to search engines to search, you don’t need an app to order a meal, and you don’t need an app to take a taxi. Just tell your BOT, and it can help you do it all.

Take Alexa, for example. Earlier this year, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant took off. The ubiquitous Alexa assistant at CES 2017 heralds the IT giant’s ambitions for the voice market. In less than two years, with more than 7,000 hardware products, from stereos to TVs, from LG to Ford, Alexa is penetrating the electronics market at a terrifying rate.

Alexa is an AI voice assistant software that is completely driven by voice commands and does not require a screen. It was officially opened to third parties in August 2015. Previously, Alexa has been quietly acting as the behind-the-scenes hero of another Amazon product, the smart voice speaker Echo, which has created a cumulative sales volume of more than 5.1 million units in the two years since its launch. According to statistics, there are more than 7,000 hardware categories equipped with Alexa. The product categories range from electrical appliances, mobile phones to robots, and automotive infotainment systems. The brands cover LG, Huawei, GE, Ford, Volkswagen, Lenovo, UBTECH and other fields.

There are also many similar benchmarking products in China. Take Baidu’s heavy-duty “Du Mi” as an example. During the turbulent process of Baidu’s personnel cleaning a while ago, the “Du Mi” AI voice assistant, which was originally just a small project, was directly referred to as “Du Mi”. Secret Service Department”.

In this era of more and more complex data, we no longer worry about “no answers”, but start to worry about “too many answers”; mobile phones full of APPs are getting bloated and bloated. There are more than a dozen different answers, which makes people tired and at a loss. People just want to make a request and get it right away—like “Mom, I’m hungry!”—and so BOT came into being.

However, Amazon’s set of gameplay has not yet entered the Chinese market – this is not only an excellent business opportunity for Chinese entrepreneurs, but also means unknown risks. There are big differences in user habits and business models between Chinese and Western markets. From the perspective of the domestic market, various voice technology companies that focus on AI concepts (such as Nuance, Yunzhisheng, Spirit, Dubi, Microsoft Xiaoice, etc.) They have never had a significant impact or breakthrough on the market.

Based on his understanding of the business ecology of the voice market, Jian Renxian took a different approach and put “emotion” in the first place. Unlike ordinary BOTs, this AI assistant made by Zhujian Intelligence can not only serve you, but also understand your emotional changes by recognizing your expressions, language, and intonation, and the machine will be able to remember what you said. , Read your emotions, it is no longer just a cold hardware device, but truly understands you like a friend.

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Published on 09/09/2022