Liu Qiangdong’s speech is amazing: five years later, robots will deliver goods to you

Liu Qiangdong’s speech is amazing: five years later, robots will deliver goods to you

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Liu Qiangdong believes that in the next 5 to 8 years, all deliveries to you may beRobot.

On June 18,’s online shopping carnival officially kicked off, and also celebrated its 13th birthday. The CCTV financial reporter has an exclusive interview with Liu Qiangdong, chairman and CEO of Jingdong Group, with a huge amount of information.

1. Liu Qiangdong: After ten years, e-commerce will occupy 40% of China’s entire sales market

What role will the rapidly developing e-commerce play in driving our country’s economic development and adjusting the economic structure, and what role will it play in economic development?

In this regard, Liu Qiangdong, chairman and CEO of Jingdong Group, said in an exclusive interview with a CCTV financial reporter that e-commerce accounts for an increasing proportion of the entire consumer goods market. Sales, except for those things that are difficult to sell online at gas stations, (the proportion of e-commerce in the consumer goods market) may reach 40%, and e-commerce accounts for such a high proportion of the entire sales market, I believe that the economic structure of the entire country will bring to make a huge change.

2. Can you imagine it?In the next 5 to 8 years, the delivery to you may be all robots

Liu Qiangdong:’s strategy for the next 12 years, a brand-new technological transformation, to build an intelligent business body. In fact, has a traditional retail technology of this kind. We have already adjusted the cost and efficiency of the entire industry. Whether the customer experience is good, it has reached a limit. If we can continue to improve the user experience and reduce the cost, we can only rely on technology. The core is artificial intelligence technology and robotics technology. Combining these two technologies When we got up, we wanted to achieve a business body similar to that of no one.

From the purchase of products to the allocation of inventory, to the allocation of the warehouse network, to the entire production, to delivery to the distribution station, to the delivery station to the consumers, the whole process is without any human participation or intervention, and the whole set is artificial intelligence. Systems and robotic labor to solve. With the accumulation of our technology in recent years, we are confident that it will be basically realized in about five to eight years.

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3. Liu Qiangdong: Chinese brands should be sold, not Chinese products

For the entire industry, what is the internationalization trend of the e-commerce industry? What is the future direction?

In an exclusive interview with Liu Qiangdong, a CCTV financial reporter, he said: The future direction is to make Chinese brands rise. In the past, we had a large number of products sold all over the world through the Internet, but you have to look carefully. Cheap clothing, fake electrical products, and even many fakes are not good for the image of the whole country.

For the global sales that wants to achieve, we hope that the quality of Chinese brands like Gree and Huawei can be guaranteed. It is to sell Chinese brands, not just Chinese products. If you only sell Chinese products, in fact, the economic The value is limited, and the international impact is not necessarily a good thing. Therefore, in the next step of the internationalization of the entire, we hope to follow the Chinese brand to go out together.

Four, super amazing! What will China’s e-commerce look like in the future?You can buy things for your refrigerator and stereo

In terms of future trends and breakthroughs in the development of the general e-commerce industry, what are Liu Qiangdong’s imaginations?

Liu Qiangdong said: I think the future of e-commerce, first of all, the consumer scene will be multi-scene, all the time, maybe your refrigerator will also become multiple consumption scenes, the refrigerator at home is also a consumption scene, and the TV is a consumption scene. Even a remote control, a socket.

Multi-scenarios and multi-terminals have brought great challenges and opportunities to the entire e-commerce industry. This is because we must use technology to meet the needs of consumers to shop anytime, anywhere. This is one; second, future e-commerce There may be a large number of brand group companies, which are also a group, and may manage several brands. Each brand is only a group that meets your daily vertical, such a segmented market.

5. Liu Qiangdong supports “Miss Dong”: a “craftsman” entrepreneur who pursues the ultimate quality

Liu Qiangdong said: If you do multiple brands, you need to prepare a lot. In particular, what is needed is an ingenious entrepreneur like Miss Dong (Dong Mingzhu), who has the ultimate pursuit of quality, can’t be rash, can’t be in a hurry, and can’t say that they get rich overnight, (to) study consumers.

6. Liu Qiangdong: After five years, the Chinese market will have great changes! The whole process of e-commerce logistics is “unmanned”

How will technology transform JD’s business model in the future? In the future, we will completely realize unmanned use of artificial intelligence to replace some of the current procurement, sales and even distribution. In the future, will our labor unions become less? Are many employees of likely to lose their jobs? What does Liu Qiangdong say about these hot topics?

Liu Qiangdong said in an exclusive interview with CCTV Finance Channel: I believe that there will be earth-shaking changes in the next 5 to 8 years.Because today there are still deliverymen who are still worried about our logistics and so on, but I believe that in about five to eight years, our entire logistics system may basically be completely unmanned, 100% of the time.automationAt that time, I believed that the opportunity or impact brought by the entire industry may be huge, including our internal management system, the use of linkages and processes, and there will be earth-shaking changes. Consumer perception is also earth-shaking. Today, consumers will still worry about all kinds of worries. In the future, all deliveries will be made by robots, and the impact may be different.

Liu Qiangdong: First, I believe that with the continuous development of the artificial intelligence and robotics industries, the future employment of blue-collar industries will definitely come back to impact. It is not very easy to predict how big the scale will be. With continuous expansion, we have announced that we will not lay off employees. Today, our couriers have to walk on the street in the smog and the wind and the sun to deliver goods for our consumers. In the future, we will all use robots, because In the future, we will have more than 1 million drones in the country to cover the entire rural market in China. Our unmanned delivery vehicles need millions of delivery robots, such as unmanned warehouses. We now have 270 warehouses across the country. We expect In the future, there may be 500 unmanned warehouses across the country. In this way, the working environment will become better, and the treatment will also become better, and people’s physical effort may drop significantly. This is a very good thing for our employees.


7. Liu Qiangdong: and SF Express may be the ones who will be proud of the logistics industry in the end!

Liu Qiangdong once said that in the future logistics industry, and SF Express may be the only ones who will be proud of the world. Why does he have such confidence?

Liu Qiangdong responded: First of all, the logistics industry is highly dependent on scale. The reason why China’s logistics costs are so high for more than 30 years of economic development in the whole country is because there are hundreds of thousands of such very small logistics enterprises in the country to serve as brand owners. The provision of services has led to extremely slow and low efficiency in the industry, and has paid a very large and huge cost to the society.

Then, with the continuous expansion of the scale of and SF Express, the rapid reduction of our costs can bring about a growth space for better profits for the entire industry. This is one.

The second is that so far I believe that the recognized services that can be accepted are SF Express and, so I think who will win in the future. The first is that your service quality must be the best, and the second is that your scale must be sufficient Large, the larger the scale, the more likely it will become a winner in the market.

8. Liu Qiangdong called out the next “small goal”! In five years, the global TOP50!

Speaking of the problem of’s continuous losses for many years, Liu Qiangdong domineeringly responded that has already made a profit on Double Eleven last year, and’s entire group’s profitability is just around the corner. Judging from the financial report for the first quarter of this year, Group has achieved profitability. So what is the reason for this twist?

Liu Qiangdong said: The core reason is that our scale has reached the zero point, so profitability has become a very natural turning point. Our investment will not become smaller. We will continue to invest every year for future growth and our user experience to improve and continue to invest, but the proportion of investment in sales is declining rapidly, resulting in a rapid decline in cost. This is why we important reason for profit.

Last year, if I remember correctly, our industry ranked 366th, I believe we should be able to rank within 300, more than 200 this year, and our goal is to rank close to 50 within five years.

Consumers bring us a lot of confidence. Consumers trust us and like us. I believe that as long as we can firmly grasp the hearts of consumers, we can get consumers to be recognized, and the user experience can remain the absolute first in the industry. , then we are full of absolute expectations and confidence in the future prospects.

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Published on 09/04/2022