Low-Code Can Be a Force for Good, Mendix’s “Low-Code for Good” Global Hackathon Is Coming Soon

  • Mendix Selects New Hope Community Services from Asia Pacific, Project Alianza from Americas and Welcome App Foundation from EMEA to participate in its upcoming MxHacks 2022 Global Hackathon
  • MxHacks 2022 will be held in four cities around the world and online on September 23-24
  • Teams from around the world will create digital solutions for nonprofits to advance good causes

Beijing, China – September 15, 2022 – Mendix, a global leader in enterprise-level low-code application development, a Siemens business, recently announced the first “MxHacks 2022: Low-Code for Good Global Hackathon”. More than 800 people from 45 countries signed up to participate, which is currently one of the largest low-code hackathons in the world.

The competition will be held in four cities, Boston, London, Rotterdam and Singapore, and will accept remote participation. The purpose of the event is to improve people’s lives, advocate for justice or promote other public welfare undertakings through Siemens’ low-code solutions. MxHacks 2022 will invite participating developers to solve business problems raised by three non-profit organizations: New Hope Community Services (Asia Pacific), Project Alianza (Americas), and Welcome App (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Nonprofits Advancing Global Social Justice

Organizations participating in the MxHacks Challenge were selected by Mendix based on a set of criteria, including the organization’s mission and vision, and the role low-code technologies can play in supporting the organization’s future growth. By selecting real-world use cases from non-profit organizations for this hackathon, Mendix aims to create a platform and community that everyone can participate in. Mendix hopes to use the hackathon to help disadvantaged groups receive education, integrate into the new environment, and provide them with shelter and opportunities to rebuild their lives. This move also demonstrates Mendix’s core values ​​- empowering citizen developers of all backgrounds to innovate through low-code.

New Hope Community Services (New Hope CS) is a growing organization. The organization is committed to meeting the needs of the homeless community in Singapore. Its core services are providing shelter, guidance and employment support for displaced and vulnerable groups. New Hope CS currently operates four shelters in Singapore, providing services for individuals, families and male ex-offenders, and has recently begun to participate as an operator in Singapore’s Housing & Development Board (HDB) singles union Under the Joint Singles Scheme, 50 apartments are managed.

Andrew Khoo, CEO and Founder of New Hope CS, said: “New Hope CS firmly believes that the four basic needs of everyone – housing, food, health and clothing – should be met. Support for returnees is increasingly important. In addition to having a series of programs to help people find shelter when they need it most, it is also necessary to help them find ways to reintegrate into society and build their confidence in the future. We look forward to working with Mendix during MxHacks Join hands with the low-code developer community to create new service applications to help us fulfill our mission of bringing hope to those we serve.”

Project Alianza aims to use technology and existing social networks to bridge learning gaps for school-age children in rural Central America. The organization also works to help disenfranchised groups and women take charge of their educational rights so they can reach their full potential.

Kristin Van Busum, CEO and Founder of Project Alianza, said: “Our main job is to improve people’s literacy and healthy hygiene habits through offline and online systems. Make a positive difference in people’s lives, such as providing learning opportunities for populations in rural areas who have no access to the internet and limited learning re

Published on 12/18/2022