Make a bowl of noodles in 1 minute, LG cooking robot has been put into use in Seoul restaurant

Make a bowl of noodles in 1 minute, LG cooking robot has been put into use in Seoul restaurant
LG Cooking Robot

LG Electronics and CJ Foodville, a South Korean-listed catering company, have jointly developed a cooking Robot called Cloi Chefbot that makes noodles for customers.

The Cloi Chefbot will be installed at the noodle corner in the open kitchen area of ​​CJ Foodville’s Veep cafeteria in Seoul for customers to use.

According to foreign media ZDNet, LG Electronics’ robotics department was established in 2018 under the impetus of the company’s CEO Koo Kwangmo. This is also the first time LG Electronics has demonstrated a cooking Robot. The following is the original compilation of ZDNet related reports.

1. Prepare a bowl of noodles in 1 minute

After the customer puts the noodles and ingredients they have selected into the bowl, they hand it over to the cooking robot. Cloi will put the ingredients prepared by the customer into the boiling water. to customers.

Make a bowl of noodles in 1 minute, LG cooking robot has been put into use in Seoul restaurant
Customers are watching LG chef robot Cloi make noodles

The noodle making process is very smooth, and Cloi has not made a mistake since it was put into use. It only takes about 1 minute for the whole process of making noodles for customers.

2. Cloi uses machine learning to accurately imitate the chef’s movements

Foods such as noodles are relatively simple in the cooking process, so they are relatively easy to realize and widely promoted in reality. The relevant person in charge of LG said that Cloi used the related robotics technology of machine learning. The researchers carefully studied the movements of human chefs, and then through the corresponding machine learning algorithms and movement control technology, Cloi can make the same movements as chefs.

Cloi dynamically adjusts itself to mimic the chef’s movements, allowing it to pick up and safely use a wide variety of dishes and cooking tools without falling.

3. Robots will continue to develop as LG’s new business

LG launched its new robotics division last year under the impetus of CEO Koo Kwangmo and unveiled the “LG Cloi” robot brand name for the first time. The name “Cloi” means “Clever&Clear”, an artificial intelligence robot with “CLOSE”.

Lu Zhenshu, director of the LG Electronics Robotics Industry Center, said, “Using a chef robot can hand over dangerous or simple and repetitive cooking tasks to robots, freeing up restaurant employees to focus on providing customers with more valuable experiences and services. Service comes up”, “Customers can also taste dishes with stable quality, and can watch the process of robot cooking, and experience the changes brought by technology to restaurants.”

After the Cloi cooking robot was officially put into use, the two companies, LG and CJ Foodville, hope to continue to cooperate in the field of robots, and plan to launch a new Chefbot robot, gradually expand the application scope of cooking robots in the catering industry, and tap more service robots. application scenarios.

Conclusion: The application of robots in the field of catering has achieved initial results
As a veteran electronics company in South Korea, LG is also facing many challenges. Last year, under the impetus of CEO Koo Kwangmo, LG established its own robotics division to focus on the field of artificial intelligence. Now it has been implemented in the catering industry, and it is also used in medical and security robots. Fields are also involved.

In China, ordering, delivering, receiving, and cleaning robots are nothing new, and many cooking robots also appeared at the recent high-tech fair. The launch of the LG cooking robot this time further shows that the demand for service robots in the catering industry is still relatively high and easy to land.

At present, the cooking level of cooking robots is still limited, and they stay on dishes with relatively simple production processes. It is expected that the combination of artificial intelligence and the catering industry can bring us more surprises in the future.

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Published on 10/10/2022