Medical robots made in Chengdu are expected to break foreign monopoly

OFweekRobot“Here, even the exchanges between colleagues after work are the most cutting-edge scientific research achievements at home and abroad. I have been fascinated by this strong academic atmosphere for a long time.” Jia Yin, an MBA graduate of Shandong University, completed his career this year. A major career choice: I jumped from a travel company to Zhongke Borns Medical Robot Co., Ltd. in Tianfu Software Park.

Jia Yin takes a fancy to this company because of its field and future development prospects. Zhongke Borns Medical Robot Co., Ltd. is positioned to promote the research and development, manufacturing, clinical and market applications of the next generation of medical robots. The research and development of medical robots has now entered the later stage of debugging. It is understood that Borns products are expected to break the foreign monopoly, fill the gap in the field of domestic porous abdominal surgery robots, and promote the localization and industrialization of medical robots.

The supporting industries in Chengdu are very superior

In fact, just a few months before Jia Yin quit, Zhongke Borns just moved from Chongqing to Chengdu. “Chengdu’s excellent environment is particularly suitable for us. The various preferential policies provided by the high-tech zone and the software park for start-up companies are particularly attractive to us, and a large number of excellent entrepreneurial youths have gathered here. Chengdu is a supporting facility for entrepreneurship. The industrial conditions are also very superior, where high-end manufacturing, precision processingindustry, the electronics industry, and the software industry are all well-structured, and are very attractive to a company like ours. ” said Li Zhiqiang, executive director of Zhongke Borns.

After graduating from Sichuan University, Li Yao, founder of Zhongke Borns, became a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Maryland, a postdoctoral researcher in biomedical engineering at the University of Southern California, and is currently a visiting scientist at Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Robotics Laboratory. . Li Yao was invited to return to China to build the Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and then chose to start a business to develop minimally invasive surgical robots. “The only company in the world that has entered the clinical stage in this field is the Da Vinci surgical Robot in the United States, and only 3,000 robots have been put into clinical use.” Li Zhiqiang said, “We also have our own R&D team in the United States, and the localization of surgical robots is very important for China. It is very meaningful for medical institutions and patients.” Zhongke Boensi has reached a clinical medical cooperation agreement with Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital.

The talent advantage of Chengdu is surprising

Zhongke Borns is a very young company that has been established for just over a year and now has 35 employees. And they have been in Chengdu for more than half a year and have recruited about 30 new employees. That is to say, except for the founder and a few management personnel, the vast majority of the company’s employees are now recruited in Chengdu.

“Chengdu’s talent advantage surprised us. The employees we recruited in Chengdu are all excellent talents from multinational companies, well-known domestic companies in this industry or Fortune 500 companies.

“Chengdu is a very habitable city, so it will be the focus of disease prevention and treatment in the future. The medical robot industry is a dawn industry. I am very happy to develop in the company.” Jia Yin said frankly that the company and the industry have huge development prospects is the biggest reason to attract him to join.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter Hu Minjuan

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Published on 10/09/2022