Meituan-Dianping CEO Wang Xing: Food delivery robots will appear soon

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Since 2012, the domestic Internet entrepreneurship wave has started a blowout mode, and many growth points have emerged under the blessing of capital, such as O2O, big data, virtual reality and other start-up companies. However, Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan Dianping, poured cold water on the entire industry in 2016. He believes that the entire industry has entered a “second half” mode, “from relying on dividends to relying on technology and services.”

On April 15th, at the “New Economy 100 People CEO Summit 2017”, Meituan Dianping CEO Wang Xing spoke again on the “second half” theory and explained his practical direction in detail. He believes that in the next 5-30 years, the three most important second half The direction should be “going to the sky, entering the earth, globalization”.At the same time, Wang Xing also interpreted the development trend of the catering and takeaway industry: “delivery foodRobotWill appear soon, reducing delivery costs and shortening delivery times. Internet catering needs to be rooted in the entire industry chain model of finance, procurement, and management, and absorb nutrients from the dark underground. “


“Food delivery robots will appear soon”

“God, the easiest to understand is high-tech, but today, most Internet companies are related to technology, but not so high-tech.” Wang Xing said that although it is not high-tech does not mean that it has no value, but in the long run Look, high tech is going to be one of the big drivers in the next 5 to 10 years. Only when high technology and all walks of life are fully integrated, can we truly create better value, “because no matter what it is, it will ultimately return to creating customer value and focusing on customers.”

For example, Wang Xing said that at present, the integration of automotive technology and computer technology is gradually blurring the traditional boundaries of these two industries. Silicon Valley labs are now littered with automakers and suppliers, tech companies racing to develop driverless technology and in-car entertainment systems.

“Unmanned cars and robots are not very far away. I believe that food delivery robots will appear sooner than driverless cars.” Wang Xing said optimistically, for example, Meituan food delivery is fast. The number of orders exceeds 10 million. How to reduce the cost of delivery and how to arrive quickly can actually be dispatched through data and AI path analysis, which can effectively reduce the cost of delivery and shorten the delivery time.

into the ground

Deeply cultivate the industry chain, improve efficiency and reduce costs

In addition to the integration of high technology and industry, it is necessary to deepen the industrial chain, improve efficiency and reduce costs, and ultimately create value for customers, which is called “into the ground” by Wang Xing.

“If the business only stays on connecting consumers, then this layer of connection is too thin.” Wang Xing said, taking Meituan Dianping as an example, in 2003, Dianping first made third-party restaurant evaluations on the user side, and in 2010 Meituan began Group purchase business, launched takeaway business in 2013, and has been creating value for C-end users in the past ten years.

At present, Meituan Dianping has begun to penetrate into the entire industry chain, trying and exploring to connect B-end users, including catering ERP system, cash register system, billing system, etc. The lower merchants provide ecological-based, whole-chain solutions to promote the efficiency of the catering industry.

Wang Xing said that a restaurant needs efficient and accurate raw material procurement and management. If Meituan Dianping can connect with raw material suppliers, it can provide intelligent procurement for merchants with the help of consumption big data on the front end of the platform, and then based on consumption data and procurement data. , through the financial services of Meituan Dianping to support the development of merchants, then the entire catering service industry will achieve faster development through Meituan Dianping. “Helping B-end catering companies to improve management efficiency and service quality is in fact to allow C-end users to get a better product experience.”


Develop overseas markets and increase inter-enterprise collaboration

Wang Xing said that the global Internet in the second half is the competition between China and the United States, and the Internet between China and the United States will constitute the main pattern of future global competition. “The best example is that Tencent’s market value rose to $279 billion and surpassed Wells Fargo to become the tenth largest company in the world by market capitalization in China alone, and the only non-U.S. company in the top ten.”

So, since there is such a huge Chinese market, why insist on globalization? Wang Xing explained that the value of an enterprise depends on the size of the problem it solves, the market size of the industry, and the size of the industry depends on the size of the economy. Although China’s economy is becoming more and more developed, and its population accounts for one-sixth of the world’s population, its economy is only one-fifth or one-sixth of the world’s. If it is only limited to the domestic market, it is easy to hit the top, so it is necessary to invest in a larger part at the other end.

However, “although the opportunity is huge, it is not a quick thing.” Wang Xing said that to achieve globalization, it is necessary to maintain longer patience, greater investment and better collaboration among more enterprises. But it cannot be denied that the Internet era has become a great opportunity for China’s development at present, and the future globalization will also bring better development opportunities to China.

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Published on 08/30/2022