Midea’s acquisition of Kuka Longchang and LOP set sail for China’s industrial robot market?

Heavy!Recently, Midea Group announced a huge acquisition of globalRobotGermany’s KUKA (KUKA), one of the four major families. According to the announcement issued by Midea Group, Midea spent a total of 4.5 billion euros to acquire 72.18% of Kuka’s shares this time, plus 13.51% of Kuka’s shares indirectly held before, Midea’s full acquisition of Kuka is almost a foregone conclusion.

Midea’s acquisition of Kuka Longchang and LOP set sail for China’s industrial robot market?

Midea’s acquisition of KUKA, in my countryindustryThere was an uproar in the world. Affected by the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the rising labor costs, my country has vigorously supported the development of the industrial Robot industry in recent years. Especially with the release of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, various regions have successively introduced subsidy policies for machine substitution, bringing unprecedented development opportunities to my country’s industrial Robot industry.

It is reported that at present, many production enterprises are considering the purchase of robots to replace manual labor, improve labor efficiency and reduce labor costs. Taking the palletizing robot as an example, the work efficiency of each palletizing robot can replace 13-15 employees. Based on the monthly salary of 3,500 yuan per person, the average annual saving is 500,000 yuan.

However, according to Zuo Shiquan, director of the Equipment Industry Research Institute of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, although in terms of the number of units, the sales volume of self-owned brand robots has reached 22,000 units, and the domestic market share accounts for about 30%; but in terms of value share, The domestic market share of self-owned brand robots is less than 10%, which reflects that my country’s robot products are still at the low-end level as a whole.

Therefore, how to break out of my country’s robot industry has also become a topic that has attracted much attention. The acquisition of KUKA by Midea Group and the acquisition of the core technology of robot manufacturing is also considered to be one of the paths for the rapid development of domestic robots.

In addition to the direct acquisition by Midea Group, my country’s own brand robots are also making other positive attempts.For example, in 2012, Henan Longchang Group cooperated with British LOP IndustryautomationCo., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to introduce LOP advanced technology and develop and manufacture Lepu palletizing robots suitable for the Chinese market according to the needs of the Chinese industrial market.

Midea’s acquisition of Kuka Longchang and LOP set sail for China’s industrial robot market?

In addition, Longchang Group is also striving to build a “palletizer supermarket”, and has reached strategic cooperation with well-known brands such as ABB in Switzerland and Kawasaki in Japan to fully distribute the palletizing robots of these brands, and also distribute robots of well-known brands while manufacturing robots. products, and constantly learn the advanced technology of foreign robot manufacturing.

Midea’s acquisition of KUKA, Longchang and LOP…, the development of domestic robots is expected to enter the fast lane.

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Published on 09/20/2022