Mind-reading virtual robot Nadia will bring human services

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Artificial intelligence can indeed achieve satisfactory results in actual work operations. But they are just cold programs with no emotion at all, so it is worthy of being said that they are just “puppets”. But have you ever imagined that it would be a good thing or a nightmare if artificial intelligence could also bring feelings, or even generate feelings on its own?Recently, a New Zealand start-up company has successfully created a “soul”Robot“Nadia, she is not just a qualified AI, she can also generate her own emotions by observing people’s facial expressions and depicting other people’s emotions.

Nadia meets people through a chat room interface. The user can call her by name, and she “sees” the user through the camera of the user’s smart device and can better understand the user’s emotions. Officials call this “emotional intelligence” EI, and with the help of EI, Nadia can communicate with people through a subtle emotional level.

Just like AI, EI can also gain more experience through learning. This means that Nadia has cultivated into an increasingly emotional AI virtual Robot by communicating with more real people. As a result, in more communication, timely adjustments will be made in tone and facial expressions. In addition, Nadia can also give users satisfactory answers by observing people’s expressions, even if it will be some “white lies”.

Mind-reading virtual robot Nadia will bring human services

Nadia is better at some customer service jobs. The original intention of the manufacturer is also for Nadia to be used in improving services for people with disabilities, for some complex reasons, people with disabilities often have difficulty dealing with communication issues with relevant government departments, and Nadia was created to fix these and provide anytime, anywhere. More personalized service.

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Published on 09/09/2022