New product release | The third generation FMC frameless torque motor is released

At the moment when the Robot industry is hot, the hardware composition of the Robot is the most important performance guarantee unit in addition to the motion control system. Whoever solves the problem of core components first will win the first opportunity on the track. Among them, the performance of the joint motor is one of the directions that various robots are very concerned about.

Market pain points

  • The first is the torque density of the joint motor

In recent years, joint demands have moved toward smaller dimensions with constant torque. Therefore, the joint motor is required to continuously improve the power density.

  • The second is the temperature rise of the motor

In addition to achieving high power density based on the smaller size, another important indicator is to look at the temperature rise of the motor after reaching the thermal steady state.

Because the joint is a compact complete system including reducer, encoder, force sensor and other components, the temperature rise brings a series of effects.

  • Then you need to consider the rated and maximum speed of the motor

In some scenarios, the Robot needs to increase the speed continuously. In theory, for the motor system, the torque demand is fixed, and the torque will be lost near the upper limit of the rated speed. Therefore, it means higher electromagnetic design requirements.

  • Finally, there is the cost requirement

The rising star of a new generation of domestic robots has brought the cost of robots to a higher level as soon as it is launched.

As a key component, the cost of the motor has attracted much attention. Localization of core components is the only way.

In 2016, after the first generation of frameless motor of Boke was launched with the performance comparable to a certain brand abroad, it has not stopped the road of technological exploration.

Then it broke through the design and process limits and created a multi-slot split-lobe structure in the domestic market, which greatly improved the tank full rate and reduced the temperature rise. Launched the second generation of frameless torque motors. This 18-slot-based potting process is a first.

The market and demand are constantly evolving. In 2022, Boke will launch the third-generation frameless torque motor FMC series based on the pain points of more users.

New product release | The third generation FMC frameless torque motor is released

After years of accumulation, Boke’s high-quality and high-performance product image has deeply penetrated into the hearts of users. At the beginning of defining the products of each market segment, Boke will keep the brand positioning in mind. Compared with other products in the same industry, Boke FMC frameless torque motor has many highlights:

Specialized and new

New product release | The third generation FMC frameless torque motor is released

Specialization: Obtaining higher torque density by in-depth optimization of electromagnetic solutions

Refinement: There are currently 10 frame sizes of 52mm-132mm, covering 3-25kg load requirements. Under the same torque, the size is smaller and the temperature rise is lower

Specialization: The first frameless potting process, lightweight design, thinner machine, faster and more stable movement, compared with market products, the copper loss reduction rate is as high as 20%

Novelty: It matches the size of the mainstream harmonic reducer in the market, and the larger hollow inner diameter meets the diverse threading needs of customers

Technology empowerment

New product release | The third generation FMC frameless torque motor is released

  • Equipped with a 24bit absolute hollow encoder or Hall sensor that can be integrated to make the operation more stable
  • Stator and rotor laser marking ensures traceability
  • Provide customized solutions – inorganic shell/organic shell and other solutions can be provided
  • Digital factory, continuous and stable production, global distribution, with offices in many places in China to provide support and services

Advantages of choosing a frameless motor

▶Engineers are no longer limited to choosing traditional synchronous motors with housing structures to create motion control axes.

▶Innovatively integrate the frameless motor into the structure of the machine itself, which not only realizes space compression, but also reduces the inertia of the overall system, so that the torque required for acceleration and deceleration is lower, the motor control is more stable, and the system bandwidth is improved.

Product Specifications

New product release | The third generation FMC frameless torque motor is released

However, frameless motors are not only limited to the application scenarios of collaborative robots. It can be said that as long as the power unit of the robot industry can consider the application of frameless motors to achieve a higher degree of integration. It can be considered that the power units of robots, such as joint motors/quadruped actuators/wheel hubs/surgical robots and other common units can match frameless motors. In the case of better performance, with the cost reduction brought about by design cost control and mass production cost dilution, its application prospects in the field of robotics can be said to be very promising.

At the moment of rapid changes, Boke takes “Linkage + Movement” as its strategic development direction, focuses on the robot industry, conducts in-depth research on robot application scenarios, and continuously develops new products in the robot industry. The launch of new products of frameless torque motors is another fruit of Boke’s focus on the robot industry. In the future, Boke will continue to forge ahead. In-depth links with the industry, and strive to become a leading enterprise in the fields of robot motors, joints, drives and other fields.

Create a better life with wisdom and provide more high-performance innovative products to customers! Let’s witness together with Boke FMC frameless torque motor!

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Published on 09/20/2022