Not only Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi are also stumped by chips

From “Huami OV” to Apple, Google and Samsung, today’s global technology giants, although not “talking about the color change”, have almost reached the state of “lifting the core”.

The production capacity of mobile phones and computers is limited by a single chip. Under the tide of lack of cores, giants are desperately competing for the remaining production capacity, while small factories are facing a life-and-death crisis, and LG even bid farewell to the mobile phone market completely. But at the same time, the “rollover” of Samsung’s 5nm process has caused many manufacturers to suffer a big loss. Xiaomi’s new flagship machine is quite controversial because of a “fire dragon” chip.

The ban of Huawei chips has led Mi OV to pay more attention to the independence of chips, and even Google has accelerated the pace of self-developed chips. The feeling of being held in the hands of life and death is really uncomfortable. But how easy is the road to self-developed chips? Manpower, financial resources, and time seem to have become a bottomless pit. The most important thing is that all these investments are faced with an uncertain result!

Success is a blockbuster, failure is the failure. But don’t do it? Others are doing it, and the “involution” brought about by the convergence of chip solutions also makes manufacturers miserable. Do self-developed chips? Then be prepared to suffer.

There is no doubt that chips have become the core of the entire technology industry, from chip design manufacturers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Nvidia, Intel, to chip foundries such as TSMC and Samsung, to terminal manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi OV, and almost all technology giants. They are all in circles around the chip. They may worry about the process technology, chip technology, and chip production capacity, and are firmly “trapped” by the chip.

Not only Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi are also stumped by chips

It can be said that every family has a scripture that is difficult to read, just like a picture of the suffering of all beings in the technology industry slowly unfolding in front of us.

Behind these phenomena, manufacturers are eager to try. Some are ambitious and want to play a big game; some want to retreat bravely and hide their merit and fame; some want to make a fortune in silence.

But in any case, the tech giants trapped in the chip are already in the middle of an ultimate involution war. Whoever can break through may have mastered the winning code of the next era.

While the chip has become the lifeblood of the technology industry, it has also made all technology giants “crazy”. Whether it is a chip designer, a chip maker or a chip manufacturer, they are deeply involved in this chip dilemma. Especially for terminal manufacturers, the chip has become the foundation of product vitality, but it has also become their “shackles”.

But from a macro perspective, from the steam age to the electrical age to today’s information age, every stage of technological progress will have a center around it. At present, the chip has become the representative of the hardware core in the technology industry.

Although the influx of the industry under the chip predicament is a headache, it also brings opportunities to every prepared manufacturer. Whoever can break through, bring new ideas and new directions, may become the protagonist of this era , and even lead the development of the next era.

Published on 09/18/2022