“Omnidirectional mobile robot” helps workshop logistics

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Smart MobilityRobotIt is the core equipment of the modern workshop logistics system and has a huge market space. However, the existing mobile robots have problems such as poor maneuverability and low positioning and navigation accuracy, which restrict the development of mobile robots.The Precision Motion and Advanced Robotics team of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute of the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences has carried out in-depth research on the above problems, and recently developed a set of omnidirectional mobile robots based onautomationThe workshop logistics system has been successfully applied to the handling of the engine production line of a large domestic automobile company.

In view of the problems that traditional mobile robots cannot change the moving position and direction at the same time, cannot achieve sideways and oblique movements, and have poor maneuverability, the team designed and developed a direct drive-based Robot.motorAnd can realize the active swivel caster driven by decoupling. The universal caster realizes the decoupling of the output motion through the input motion coupling, that is, a two-degree-of-freedom differential is introduced into the transmission system of the caster, so that the steering motor can output a part of the rolling torque while outputting the steering motion. It eliminates the coupling motion caused by the steering motion and rolling motion of the caster, which not only simplifies the motion control, but also avoids the caster wear caused by the coupling transmission.

Based on active universal casters, the team developed a workshop logistics system composed of multiple omnidirectional mobile robots, and applied it to the handling link of an automobile company’s engine production line. Each omnidirectional mobile Robot adopts a modular design. Method, through the kinematics dynamic algorithm of modular parallel structure, the coordinated control of multiple decoupled active swivel casters and the 0-360-degree steering under pure rolling conditions are realized. A single omnidirectional mobile robot relies on the multi-information fusion technology of QR code and vision to achieve accurate positioning in the workshop logistics situation, and realizes all-round autonomous obstacle avoidance through the equipped ultrasonic sensor. Its carrying capacity is 250 kg, and the maximum movement speed is 1m/s, the positioning error is less than 20mm. The omnidirectional mobile robot system uses the wireless network to realize remote real-time scheduling through the unified scheduling algorithm installed on the host computer. In addition, the system can be combined with the arm robot to form a workshop logistics handling system to realize the fully automated pick, place and transport of goods in the workshop. The workshop logistics system is the key complete set of intelligent equipment for the national intelligent manufacturing equipment development project “1.8TGDI Turbocharged Engine Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop Application Demonstration” project, which can realize the automatic handling process of the engine, replace the manual handling, and improve the logistics efficiency. . The project has recently passed the acceptance inspection, and the workshop logistics system based on omnidirectional mobile robots has been recognized by the factory and praised by experts.

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Published on 10/12/2022