Omron enables IO-Link sensors to reduce maintenance costs

Maxim announces its MAX14827A dual-channel IO-lThe ink transceiver has been adopted by Omron Corporation. High-performance devices from Maxim make use of IO-lInk sensors effectively reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime, and provide Omron end customers with continuous diagnostics and monitoring on the production site. Compared with other solutions, the heat dissipation of the device is reduced by more than 50%, making it the smallest solution on the market.

IO-lInk is a standard input/output technology that has gained popularity in Europe. At present, the Japanese market is also growing rapidly. In recent years, this technology has attracted widespread attention as one of the key factors in the construction of intelligent factories. Seamless connection and configuration of various factory sensors through digital communication. due to IO-lInk market position improved, Maxim based on IO-link technology has developed a variety of products, including newindustryMAX14827A IO-l in 4.0 applicationsink dual channel transceiver.

Omron enables IO-Link sensors to reduce maintenance costs

Currently, Omron is expanding its IO-lInk sensor series products, mainly photoelectric and proximity detection sensors. Omron’s IO-lInk sensors are equipped with independent identification functions, abnormal detection, status monitoring and other features to help users greatly reduce downtime, reduce the frequency of unexpected failures, and improve the efficiency of configuration changes. It can use PLC and other controllers with excellent performance to collect key data through the main unit under the EtherCAT protocol to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and achieve more intelligent production.

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Published on 09/07/2022