Omron will participate in the 5th CIIE to stimulate innovation momentum with a new corporate vision

Recently, Omron Group (hereinafter referred to as “OMRON”), a digital expert in the field of global automation, announced that it will present an automation and digital solution driven by the core technology of sensing & control + thinking from November 5 to 10, 2022. The 5th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”), booth B4-04 in Hall 4.1 of the technical equipment exhibition area, the theme of the exhibition is “Automation, Inspiring Future Innovation”.

Omron will participate in the 5th CIIE to stimulate innovation momentum with a new corporate vision

Panoramic view of the Omron booth at the 5th CIIE

As an “old friend” who has participated in the CIIE for five consecutive years, Omron has always attached great importance to the CIIE as an open international exchange and cooperation platform, and regards it as one of the best ways to actively explore and integrate into the new pattern of China’s development.

By focusing on China’s digital and intelligent transformation needs, Omron continues to bring innovative digital and intelligent solutions and successful practices at the CIIE: FORPHEUS table tennis robot, MMC health convenience store, human-machine collaboration intelligent unit production line, intelligent The “star exhibits” represented by chemical and organic cultivation solutions focus on showing Omron’s cutting-edge technologies and leading innovations in the development of the empowerment industry.

At the same time, Omron continues to realize its own evolution, and is committed to solving important issues that are increasingly prominent in social development, with the vision of realizing a society of overall prosperity and individual pursuit at the same time. In March this year, Omron officially launched the long-term strategic plan “Shaping the Future 2030”, which will help to achieve the three goals of carbon neutrality, digital society, and prolonging healthy life as the direction of the company’s future development. With its expertise in the field of automation, Continuously expand the practice in various business fields, and continue to contribute to the promotion of social development and the creation of social value.

On the occasion of the fifth appointment, at the booth of this year’s CIIE, Omron will present a splendid technological feast to the audience around the new corporate vision, and will jointly present Industrial automation, health care solutions, and social solutions for the first time. Highlight technologies and solutions in the four major business areas of , device and module solutions, demonstrating their new value of leading the times and contributing to the sustainable development of society:

  • Based on the new manufacturing concept “i-Automation!-NEXT”, the seventh-generation FORPHEUS table tennis coach Robot that stimulates human potential;
  • A robot integrated controller that helps the manufacturing site to be highly automated;
  • A digital solution “i-BELT” that realizes continuous evolution of production sites;
  • Intelligent health management equipment involving respiratory system, circulatory system and pain management;
  • New health management equipment dedicated to “zero occurrence” of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases – “nighttime wrist sphygmomanometer” and “atrial fibrillation sphygmomanometer”;
  • A new chronic disease management service combining health management remote diagnosis & treatment & smartphone application – MMC Health Convenience Store & MMC Health Station
  • Display of digital orchard operations driven by big data + visualization;
  • Presented by VR means and applied in many fields, it is committed to realizing the device and module solutions of “popularization of new energy and high-speed communication”;

In addition, Omron will focus on value co-creation with industry partners, actively promote the implementation of sustainable public welfare projects at the CIIE site, and sign cooperation agreements in the field of health and medical care, and work together to promote development through deepening business cooperation.

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Published on 12/26/2022