Overview of artificial intelligence technology and domestic development status

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: “In the next 5 to 10 years, artificial intelligence will be as ubiquitous as water and electricity, and can enter almost all industries such as education, medical care, finance, transportation, and smart cities.” ——Liu Qingfeng, deputy to the National People’s Congress

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence.Whether it is from a variety of smart wearable devices, or a variety of escort, security, learning into the homeRobotsmart home, medical system, these are actually the research results of artificial intelligence and the changes brought to our way of life.

How does artificial intelligence work?

Take the well-known representatives of artificial intelligence as an example, whether it is the “Alpha Dog” who defeated the Go master Li Shishi, the “Master” who defeated the world champion chess player Park Tinghuan and others, or the amazing Robot in “The Strongest Brain”. “Xiaodu”, in fact, their working principle is that the computer obtains the perceptual input of audio and video through speech recognition, image recognition, reading knowledge base, human-computer interaction, physical sensing, etc., and then learns from big data, Get a decision-making and creative brain. Use big data + strong computing + new algorithms to react and deal with some of the current situations.

Will Artificial Intelligence Really Replace Humans?

Some people will definitely ask, “Artificial intelligence technology is so powerful, can it replace manpower?” Mr. Li Kaifu proposed that in the process of future development of artificial intelligence technology, it may become the kind of very flexible in science fiction films that can replace human work. A smart guy may also become a good partner who complements and develops with human beings. However, the replacement of repetitive high-skilled, monolithic jobs is inevitable.

Although many low-skilled jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence technology in the future, there is no need to worry too much about the development of artificial intelligence technology. Jerry Kaplan proposed that a new ecology suitable for human-machine symbiosis can be built in the development of artificial intelligence. Robots do what robots are supposed to do, and human values ​​have their whereabouts. They can become better to operate robots to generate social value and wealth, or they can focus on more places where humans are gifted.

Will artificial intelligence technology “threaten” human existence?

Mr Hawking once warned humans that “artificial intelligence could destroy humanity through nuclear or biological warfare”, requiring humans to form some form of “world government” to guard against the threat posed by artificial intelligence.Therefore, the development of artificial intelligence technologyExhibitionThreats to human existence?

According to the analysis of relevant people, the warning raised by Mr. Hawking may not be aimed at artificial intelligence technology itself, but is worried that some countries will use artificial intelligence technology to disrupt, so it is necessary to form a corresponding “world government” to regulate development. Just like the “World Trade Organization”. And the German government’s “industry4.0″ also hopes to use artificial intelligence technology to improve the intelligence level of the manufacturing industry, establish smart factories with adaptability, resource efficiency and genetic engineering, integrate customers and business partners in business processes and value processes, and promote social progress and development .

Therefore, it is inevitable to continue to develop artificial intelligence, but how to develop, will it really threaten human beings one day, we need to formulate some rules and abide by these rules.

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Published on 09/07/2022