Palletizing robots drive the development of conjugation technology

The palletizing Robots seen in the movie cannot walk and dance. “Humanoid” robot is a multi-disciplinary automation equipment integrating advanced technologies such as machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensor, and artificial intelligence. It can replace manual work in simple and repetitive work, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and drive Industrial technology upgrades.

Using industrial palletizing robots is also an effective way for companies to reduce labor costs. Grab the packaged goods, move them to the designated position, put them down and tidy, automatically encode them on the pallet, and repeat picking up, shifting, putting down, and picking up again. Different from the mechanical palletizer, when the volume, shape, etc. of the item changes, it only needs to be slightly modified on the touch screen. It can be widely used in the handling, disassembly and placement of production lines of liquor, beverages, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. From packaging bags to cartons and barrels of materials, from stacking one product to a variety of different products, it is more efficient and adaptable.

In recent years, in the Pearl River Delta, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other densely populated areas of manufacturing enterprises, industrial robots have begun to use industrial robots to replace labor in operations in monotonous, frequent operations, gluing, welding and other dangerous and harsh environments such as palletizing, loading and unloading materials, and packaging. Manufacturing companies in the Pearl River Delta use robots.

The annual growth rate reaches 30% to 60%. Tengyang Intelligent believes that the technology of industrial palletizing robots is becoming more and more mature, and the focus is on the scale and industrialization of industrial palletizing robots. In the future, it will develop rapidly in the direction of standardization, light weight and intelligence.

The gradual standardization of the functional parts of the palletizing Robot and the combination of modules can reduce the manufacturing cost and the reliability of the lifting rod, reduce the weight and installation space, and make it possible for more enterprises to purchase and use.

The factory palletizing work is very tiring, with more labor and high wages. Due to the emergence of palletizing robots, more and more enterprises, logistics, food, petrochemical industries, and palletizing robots play an increasingly important role. Accurate and effective completion of palletizing operations can reduce labor intensity and improve product quality.

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Published on 01/01/2023