Pension crisis: Robots may accompany you in the future

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: HumanoidRobotMay have the ability to take care of the elderly in the future and alleviate the crisis of supporting the elderly.

Some academics say the robots can be “trained” to have good bedroom etiquette and understand cultural differences, among other things.

Currently, an international team is working on how to open up versatile robots so they can help care for the elderly in nursing homes.

These robots will be able to perform some daily tasks, such as helping the elderly to take medicine and accompanying the elderly.

They could ease the burden of caring for the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals, academics say.

Researchers from the University of Middlesex and the University of Bedfordshire will help create an individualized social Robot. Before using it, researchers can input specific programs for the individual needs of the person the Robot helps.

Experts hope such a humanoid robot will be developed within the next three years, a project funded by the governments of the European Union and Japan.

Pension crisis: Robots may accompany you in the future

Experts say that with the extension of human lifespan, it brings more and more pressure to medical and health institutions.

There are 15,000 people over the age of 100 in the UK alone, and that number is growing.

Robots that can help the elderly can not only reduce the pressure on nursing homes and hospitals, but also help the elderly living at home to improve their quality of life and make them more independent.

Robots will not replace human pensioners, but they can indeed play a role in assisting and supporting.

Experts hope that eventually these robots will be accepted by elderly people who are aged at home.

Pepper Robots, developed by Softbank Robotics, are already used in thousands of homes in Japan.

The company’s researchers hope to create a world in which robots and humans live in peace and build a happier, healthier and safer life together.

Not only that, a new generation of robots can also provide entertainment for the elderly. They will also use language and movement to communicate with humans, who can move freely and recognize signs of discomfort and distress in the elderly.

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Published on 09/27/2022