Performance is king, Schneider Electric’s new medium voltage circuit breaker EvoPacT HVX debuts

Today, in order to meet the needs of a new power system with the main task of maximizing the consumption of new energy, the new generation of power equipment is tending to develop a new form to better cope with the trend of intelligent and low-carbon transformation of the power grid. The EvoPacT HVX, a new generation of medium-voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breakers recently released by Schneider Electric, is a typical example. As an epoch-making new product, it combines extremely reliable quality, excellent performance, and innovative design concepts such as digital native, modular, green and low-carbon, and can be called an all-around ace product.

Performance is king, Schneider Electric’s new medium voltage circuit breaker EvoPacT HVX debuts

Just as safety and reliability are always the top priority in the power industry, “performance is king” is always the gold standard for testing a power device. So, in the face of the evaluation of equipment performance, how does Schneider Electric’s EvoPacT HVX medium-voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker perform? Let us interpret them one by one.

Excellent quality of materials and ingenuity, providing strong performance guarantee

First of all, to judge whether the performance of a circuit breaker is strong, the most essential core is whether the breaking technology and mechanism performance are reliable and excellent. In this regard, EvoPacT HVX adopts a modular operating mechanism, high-performance vacuum interrupter and epoxy solid-sealed pole, which comprehensively improves the mechanical and electrical life and capacitive breaking capacity of the product. Reveals the product’s impregnable safety, reliability and superior electrical performance:

  • Full capacity breaking times up to 100 times
  • Electrical life up to 50,000 times at rated current
  • Back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current up to 800A
  • DC component up to 52%
  • Mechanical life up to 50,000 times.

Blessed by China’s innovative power, it is not afraid of harsh environmental challenges

The powerful performance is also reflected in the strong environmental adaptability of the EvoPacT HVX. Whether it is a plateau area with an altitude of over 1,000 meters, or a low-temperature and cold world of ice and snow and a dew environment, it is hard to resist this strong adaptability. The all-rounder product of:

  • EvoPacT HVX can adapt to harsh working conditions such as 2300m high altitude and -25℃ low temperature scene
  • It has passed the certification of multinational classification societies, and also meets the requirements of the State Grid for anti-condensation performance.

The ability to have such powerful performance is inseparable from the “Chinese wisdom” of this circuit breaker in research and development. As a new product jointly designed by a global team, the innovative R&D capabilities invested by the Chinese team played a leading role in the birth of EvoPacT HVX. It is precisely because China has a vast and diverse geographical environment and application scenarios that the adaptability requirements of this circuit breaker are higher than those of most countries.

This also means that this new product is ready to meet the needs of a new power system with “new energy as the main body”. It can be foreseen that in the face of this macro demand, there will be a large number of distributed new energy applications all over the country in the future.

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Published on 10/08/2022