Pilz: Automation solutions in terminal packaging

Robotic applications are often used in terminal automation, to be precise, when handling cardboard palletizing, or when it comes to secondary packaging and pallet heat sealing. At this time, the protection of personal safety is particularly important, and safety is generally ensured by protective devices. In the event of maintenance or failure, it must be possible to quickly and safely bring the machine back into operation to minimize unproductive downtime.

Whether it’s access guarding and safety gate interlocking, safe restart interlocking of robotic cells, diagnostic and visualization tasks for quick troubleshooting, or the safe transport of packaging materials via automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and vehicle systems (AGVS) – Pilz can provide suitable automation solutions for end packaging.

Pilz: Automation solutions in terminal packaging

Security of stretch wrap and heat-sealed trays

For safe monitoring of film stretching machines, high plant availability and operational safety (due to high temperatures) must be achieved. This is the case for a complete safety solution comprising the safety radar system PSENradar and the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 – including a compliance assessment of the entire machine. This is particularly suitable for applications up to EN ISO 13849-2 PL d / Cat 3 in harsh environments, even where dust and dirt accumulate.

Modular safety gate system for flexible safety

In terminal packaging with palletizing or robotics, protection with safety gates must be used. Pilz’s modular safety gate system supports a flexible combination of custom safety gate monitoring and optional access rights. From safe process guarding with PSENslock or interlocks and guard locks with safety door sensor PSENmlock, to suitable accessories such as the PSENmlock operating module with integrated actuator and integrated escape release, as well as for easy operation of the safety door system PITgatebox button unit, Pilz products can be combined individually to suit the user’s requirements. The integrated access authorization system PITreader is available as a user authentication option. Of course, diagnostics and safe tandem are also possible via safety device diagnostics.

Pilz: Automation solutions in terminal packaging

AGVs enable safe material handling

When transporting packaging materials or Euro pallets, the safety of workers and the surroundings of automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems (AGVs / AGVS) must always be ensured. Based on ISO 3691-4, Pilz can help users coordinate AGV system applications from concept to commissioning (including compliance assessment).

Pilz: Automation solutions in terminal packaging

For the safe transport of European pallets, Pilz’s safety laser scanner PSENscan and the modular safety relay myPNOZ are responsible for the safety protection and dynamic navigation of the AGV system, which can be easily integrated via ready-to-use ROS modules. The AGV solution also includes control and signaling devices PITestop and PITsign as well as industrial safety bridges to prevent tampering and misuse.

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Published on 10/09/2022